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Why bird-proofing your solar panels important?

As you may have already heard, solar panels can supply all your electricity demands with the right installation. While there are several advantages to solar panels, it is also necessary to maintain them to get the most out of them. Birds that build their nests under solar panels can cause serious damage to the panels and their efficiency. That is why bird-proofing your solar panels is critical.

What are the impacts of birds on solar panels?

Birds can be loud and messy

Birds like to nest behind solar panels because they create a hollow area underneath them. Pigeons, for example, maybe noisy and filthy. Furthermore, pigeons are more likely to nest as a result of the noise that accompanies them. Because of the scratching, scurrying, and chirping, the restless nights will be aggravating for the people who live in that house.

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It reduces the solar panel’s efficiency

When bird droppings cover a solar panel, the panes do not have enough access to the sun’s energy. Furthermore, because of bird drippings on the panes, the amount of dust and filth that adheres to them grows.

Birds can cause damage to your solar panels

Birds, particularly bigger birds like pigeons and crows, can damage solar panels. They have the potential to affect both the inner and outside of solar panels. This can even cost you more money when it comes to repairing them. Most bird droppings have a high acidity level. The acidity may corrode wiring and even harm the surface of your solar panels. Bird droppings aren’t the only problem; they also bite and scrape the solar panels’ cables.

How can you make your solar panels bird-proof?

Bird-proofing solar panels are the act of constructing a barrier around the perimeter of your solar panels to prevent pigeons from making nests beneath them. The major reason for keeping your solar panels bird-proofed and maintained is that they are a huge investment. It is a waste of money if the panels are not properly maintained and utilized. Birds will search for a new home once the panels have been bird-proofed and they can no longer access the underside of the panels.

Bird-proofing services and other methods are available for bird-proofing your panels. These services include the following:

  • Removing any existing nests safely while also ensuring that no birds have been harmed or trapped in the panels.
  • Cleaning the panels and removing bird droppings from the panels and the area surrounding them. Sanitizing the surfaces and removing any droppings and nesting materials are all part of the process.
  • Finally, the client’s preferred method or product of installation.

Is it expensive to get your solar panels bird-proofed?

The cost of these services is determined by five primary elements,

  1. The installation or service provider you decide on.
  2. The bird-proofing solution you choose.
  3. Is it possible to access your solar panels without the need for scaffolding?
  4. If any damage must be repaired.
  5. the panel’s dimensions.

It’s critical that you choose the best bird-proofing options for your solar panels.

What are some of the bird-proofing options?

Wire mesh for birds

One of the most common types of bird-proofing products is bird mesh wire. It connects to the edge of your Solar Panels to keep birds out of the area beneath them. This approach is quite successful and maybe clipped straight into the panels without voiding the guarantee.

The bird mesh solution is a non-intrusive and appealing option. It does no harm to your panels and is kept in place by a nut and washer, making it simple to remove.

Anti-roosting spikes

Birds are unable to perch nearby using this strategy. This, on the other hand, is not very appealing. The spikes, on the other hand, maybe affixed to any place on the panels and are a compassionate and reliable way to keep pigeons away from your solar panels.

Solar Bird blockers

Bird blockers act in a similar way as bird meshes. However, they match the color of the Solar Panel. As a result, they are undoubtedly more appealing to the eye. This choice is more durable, as well as UV resistant. They don’t require any screwing or drilling into the panels. Most significantly, they are composed of recyclable HDPE. Therefore, they are an excellent ecologically beneficial solution.

Make certain to aid in determining which form of bird-proofing is best for you and our needs. Waiting until there are more and more bird nests under your panels can result in a loss. This will simply make you regret not making a hasty decision to maintain your panels when necessary.


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