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The lithium-ion batteries used in a Tesla or any other electric car are identical to those found in most cellphones. No one seemed to be concerned, though, about smartphones catching fire.

Lithium-ion batteries pose a fire risk.

Lithium-ion batteries include in almost all electrical devices in the home. Even though you frequently use these electrical devices in your daily activities, they seldom catch fire. When they do light up in flames, though, it’s because of a thermal runaway.

In a thermal runaway, what happens?

In the case of a thermal runaway, a cell in a battery pack becomes short. A little battery with just one cell might be less risky. However, the battery in a Tesla includes thousands of cells. Each of which these cells are shielded from the passenger. The battery pack of Tesla comprises a collection of cells aligned with each other to power the car. When just one cell is missing, this can cause a chain reaction, raising the temperatures of the cells surrounding it. This can generate a significant thermal runaway, thus progressively leading to a fire.

As per Tesla’s battery pack, it is constructed methodically which incorporates a monitoring computer that assures passenger protection when the battery situation turns hostile. According to research done by the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments in the United States deal with an average of 287,500 gasoline automobiles each year. Furthermore, if the prospect of Tesla’s catching fire alarms you, consider reports from fire departments about combustion engine vehicles catching fire.

Even though regular automobiles are catching fire in greater numbers, they do not make the news. However, all Tesla fire concerns are susceptible to large media attention as for the allegations that individuals have towards Tesla.

The number of Tesla fires.

Tesla car on fire
Tesla car on fire (By The Drive)

It’s impossible to estimate the actual number of Tesla fires because a fire breakout might have a variety of causes. However, according to Tesla’s statistics, one Tesla fire happens every 205 million miles from 2012 through 2020. The odds of a battery catching fire, or a Tesla automobile catching fire in general, are extremely slim.

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Precautions to take in the event of a Tesla battery fire.

A Tesla passenger has a decent amount of time to get out of the car before the thermal runaway causes harm. This is due mostly to the monitoring system. This allows the driver to be aware of the battery’s potential for fire.

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