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As you know, home design trends vary from year to year. Moreover, the staples may stay the same. But the accent pieces, the colors, the accessories, all these tend to change. If you keep in touch with the latest trends or if you talk to an expert in the field, you will know what’s in and what’s out. You can also find out if your favorite design ideas made the list.

Your HOME is the place, to begin with, when you need a change in life! Change demand new and innovative ideas. So, let’s look at the newest and best home interior design trends. 

From design themes to furniture styles, our list of interior design trends will be your go-to style guide for the year. So get set ready to see the trendy home designs that are making news.

Warm Minimalism

Minimalist interior design has been a hot favorite for years. Going with the saying ‘less is more’, this will still be relevant in home design trends. A warmer version of the minimalistic style is ruling the trendy home designs.

interior design
Warm minimalist interior design (Source R ARCHITECTURE)

What is warm minimalism? It is a minimalistic design theme with warmer details. In other words, instead of a plain white colour palette that usually rules minimalistic interior, the trend would be to use a lot of light yellows, cream and off-white tones. There will be a lot of walnut and oak wood instead of grey wooden designs. Warm minimalism also brings in a lot of hand-woven fabrics which will create a homelier vibe than the classic cool minimalistic appeal. 

Minimalist interior design (Source

Some of the features of Warm Minimalistic Design can be listed as:

  • Undertones of yellow, tan and creams
  • Multifunctional furnishings
  • Oak and walnut furniture pieces
  • Hand-woven rugs and throws

Personalized Designs

trendy home design
Personalized trendy home interior Designs (Source

We will be able to see a lot of personalized interior design trends too. There will be a lot of curated designs with mixed patterns, excessive collections and maximalist themes which are user-centric furniture pieces to lifestyle-centric layouts.

Be free to embrace your personalized style to create an expressive space. Moreover, be in line with the trendy home designs. Always be free and creative to mix and match design styles and even bend the rules to build a home as unique as you. 

Some of the features of Personalized Home Design Trends are:

Home decorations
Customized home interior (source
  • Matching the Colour palettes with your sense of style
  • Decorations which don’t get associated to a single design theme
  • Personalized furnishings and storage

Let your home reflect you with the latest personalized home design trends.

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Bohemian – Another Trending Interior Design Style

Trendy home bohemian style
Bohemian Interior Design Style (Source

Another significant interior trend that is never going out of style will be Bohemian themes. Bohemian is a nonconformist interior style. It celebrates freedom. Moreover, it is a carefree design theme. It doesn’t follow a specific structure, but includes carefree layers of pattern with relaxing textures and colour palettes. Moreover, the main theme behind the bohemian aesthetic can be explained as a personal and relaxed style of design. Bohemian is also about expressing your unique and individualistic style, similar to maximalist. Moreover, the only difference is that it does not follow strict rules like the former.

Some of the features of Bohemian Design can be:

  • features both neutral and bold colours as per your taste
  • is inspired by art, literature and music 
  • Includes indoor plants as an essential part
  • Has layers of eclectic patter      

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