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Yes, solar panels work in the winter!!! The days are much shorter in the winter than in summer. Therefore, solar panels generate less electricity in the winter than in the summer. Since winter brings heavy snowfalls, snow would almost certainly limit or halt the operation of the solar panels during that season. However, you can still use solar to warm up your home and make it cozier in the winter.

Do solar panels work in snow?

They obviously do not work when they are covered with snow. Solar panels use sunlight to produce electricity, but when they are covered in snow, they no longer receive enough sunlight. Yes!! Snow on solar panels will obviously reduce the array’s performance. But do not let that frighten you!

Solar panels, with their ability to absorb sunlight and heat, are more than capable of shedding snow on their own. Solar panels are usually mounted with their faces to the sun and on a slant. As a consequence, shedding is mostly guaranteed. However, while solar panels are coated in snow, they are expected to yield less electricity. That being said, the amount of total annual output loss is still very low, making them an excellent investment for potential clients.

How to clear snow from the panels.

If your solar panels are easily accessible, you can use the steps below to clear snow away from them. So, with the help of a roof rake, you can clear under the panels to leave room for snow to fall when it begins to melt. Of course, the heat of the sun will eventually reach them and cause the snow to shed on its own. But with a little extra help, you will be able to speed up the process.

You may also use a roof rake with a piece of foam pipe insulation attached to the side to carefully remove snow from the actual panels. And that technique is only applicable under some circumstances, if you have flat plate solar hot water collectors or solar photovoltaic modules, you can use that technique.

All the advice given above should be considered with caution. Since you are unaware of the structure of the panels, they are more likely to be damaged. As a result, scraping snow from the panels by yourself is not advised. So, in the winter, it is better to spend your days indoors, sipping a cup of hot chocolate and looking forward to the next sunny day.

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