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Your garden can be small. But with beautiful imagination and some real need to give you that needed push, you can make the most of every inch. You can make your garden an enjoyable, relaxing space.

You can do this transformation you dream of, on a budget. Here’s a list of cheap garden ideas to make it a reality in no time.

1. Simple pergola

A simple pergola can add a total new look to your garden. To keep costs down, you could even build your own pergola, if you’re handy with a saw. Climbing plants will give you that extra privacy.

pergola garden
Simple pergola garden (By Smit. A)

Pergola with a Simple Table

Pergola with a Simple Table (by Fath. R,)

When the space you have is limited, make sure to utilize every inch. Create a cozy seating area under the pergola. Add some climbing trees for shade, and terracotta pots to transform a concrete corner into a relaxing hideaway.

Grass Islands

Grass garden
Grass island (By Look Up Look Down Photography)

A circular lawn helps a small square garden feel less enclosed and boxlike. A kidney shaped island will add creativity and it will stand out to give your small space a bigger appearance.

A trellis is a great way to hide an unsightly shed and divide your lawn into defined spaces. This trellis can be decorated with climbing plants or pots.

Steel or wooden racks

garden racks
Steel or wooden racks for garden (By Steel or wooden racks. J, )

Steel shelves or wooden racks can be used closer to the walls. The sizes will vary depending on your taste and the size of your garden. On these shelves and racks, you can use pots, hanging pots as well as creeps.      

Furthermore, if you are creative and DIY kind of a person, you definitely can turn your tiny space into some beautiful creation. The shape and color as well as the material can be decided on your personal taste.

Old Garden Steps

Your old garden steps can be recycled as a base for tiered planting. Similar to the racks and shelves, the extra height means they’ll take up less space than regular beds so they’re great for small gardens. This is more like Vertical gardening. When the space is limited, you can try out these ideas using up-cycled stair Bannister or recycled old garden steps.

Old Garden Steps
Old Garden Steps (By Well project)

Mirror in garden


A mirror can create wonders by making a small space look bigger. It also reflects more light into the garden, thus making it will feel less enclosed.

If you have a tiny urban or city garden, this trick also works wonders!

Mirror in garden
Mirror in garden (By Santellan. B,)

Hanging flowers

If you have a tree, try hanging plants or flowers from it. Then you can save ground space. If you’re on a tight budget, brighten up an old colander with some paint and use it as your hanging basket. The draining holes are perfect for allowing excess water to seep through. 

Hanging flowers
Hanging flowers (By Griffyn. M,)

Plant walls

When you are a fan of greenery but there’s not much room to plant on the floor, try the walls! A living wall is the perfect way to spruce up a plain fence or shed. Moreover, it adds light, coziness and life to your surrounding.

Plant walls
Plant walls (By Cheung. J,)

Picture frames

A living picture frame is an amazing decoration for your backyard, with close to no upkeep needed. Help bring some life to a plain wall!

Picture frames in garden
Picture frames in garden (By Durrant. S,)

Zen small backyard

The trickling sound of a water feature is perfect to help you relax in your zen garden. Add some simple flowers and plants for a splash of color.

Sand or gavel is carefully raked with precisely placed rocks. These are the main parts of a zen garden. Sand raked into a round with spiral or rippled patterns represents the sea. Rocks are placed on top of the sand to make a soothing pattern. You can add plants, but keep them to a minimum. In addition, use low, spreading plants instead of upright ones. The result should encourage introspection and meditation. These can also contain a simple bridge or a path and lanterns made of rock or stone.

Zen small garden
Zen small garden (Crossley. H,)

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