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1. Crafting an Old Coffee Table using Off-Cut Timber

coffee table
coffee table (By Future PLC)

For this simple coffee table idea:-

first, cut a pallet in half

then, stack one piece on top of the other

after that, add offcuts to create a mosaic-effect wooden tabletop

nail and glue together

finally, add simple castors to make the table mobile.

Now you have a coffee table for indoor or out.

2. Repurpose Crates for Storage

Crate-shelving (By James Merrell)

This ‘purpose’ is what makes this an up-cycled project. You can give them a coat of fresh color. Give a room a whole new storage solution by upturning crates and mounting them to the wall or in any other practical way to add uniqueness to your room.

3. A Side Table with Crates

You can use your imagination and stack wooden crates, one on top of the other, to create an alternative up-cycled side table. The open element of the design is ideal for storing everything you’d need to store. You can use this next to your bed. It can be used to stack books or to keep anything you need.

Crafted table
Crafted table (By Dan Duchars)

The distressed nature of the wooden crates is stylish as it is. But you have options. You can sand them down and give them a coat of paint to suit your bedroom color and to match your other furniture.

If you add castors for the feet it will allow the side table to be moved easily, while reducing the imprint on the carpet.

4. Playful Patterns and Color in the Kids Rooms

You might have a piece which served you well for years in a living room or bedroom and you wish to give it a makeover fit for a child’s room. Painting patterns on the front of the drawers is enough to totally revamp the look. If you are artistic you may be able to draw the patterns on first freehand, or use a stencil. You can keep costs ultra-low by using sample pots to carry out this savvy furniture makeover – making it cheerful and cheap at the same time.

Happy  colored furniture  for baby room
Happy colored furniture for baby room (By Decoist)

5. Up-cycle a Valuable Wardrobe with a Coat of Your Favorite Color

If you have an old wardrobe that you want to keep with you, you can try giving it a totally new look with a simple coat of paint by up-cycling it. A few coats of vibrant and colorful furniture paint have the power to totally transform an outdated wardrobe into a vision of beauty.

Pink-pianted-wardrobe (By Heather Young)

6. Your own Washstand using an Old Table

Refitting a bathroom is definitely an expensive job. You can save money where and when you can. If you can’t afford or even find an off-the-peg design that suits your space, you can try and up-cycle a piece of furniture you already own. This will give you the exact look you want and helps to cut costs.

The first rule of thumb is choosing a piece which is solid and sturdy to support the weight of the basin. You need to keep in mind that wash basin is much heavier once it’s filled with water.

vanity unit and matching furniture
vanity unit and matching furniture (By David Giles)

7. Save Recovered Wood for Shelving

You can provide additional beauty to simple storage by using recovered planks of wood. These will add character. You can choose your desired length and cut to size before placing on wall brackets. You can paint them if needed, to match the surrounding colors. These will not cost a lot either.

recovered shelving
recovered shelving (By David Giles)

8. Give Bedside Tables a Makeover

A set of bedside tables can go from bland to brilliant with a coat of new paint and new gold/silver handles. It is better to do a light sanding and then using a foam roller before applying a light first coat. Once this is fully dry, apply a second coat of paint.

Bedside furniture
Bedside furniture(By Laura Crombie)

9. Homemade Storage Hooks

Any piece of extra/thrown away wood has the potential to be a stylish set of wall hooks. You can create a very artistic piece by applying layers of paint on a plank of old wood, and simply fix the hooks to suit your taste attaching them to the length of wood. Secure to the wall and store in style.

wooden-peg (By Colin Poole)

10. Bespoke Furniture Solutions with Off-cuts

Personalized and modernized furniture is always a great way of utilizing awkward spaces, such as alcoves. But building on specification is not a cheap option. Using offcuts of wood from other projects, or sourcing second hand wooden planks, you can create a totally bespoke seating arrangement.

You can make comfy cushions using material scraps and wadding.

Off-cut furniture
Off-cut furniture (By Colin Poole)

11. Reuse a Ladder for Savvy Storage

You can give an old unused ladder a breath of fresh air by up-cycling it to make it a simply storage. This is an ideal method for extra storage in bathrooms, for towels or in kitchens, for tea towels and table runners. A simple ladder is an attractive solution for your study room too. If used with a bit of imagination and creativity, a ladder is a masterpiece. Apply a fresh coat of paint to coordinate with the walls, to make it seamlessly blend in with the décor.

Storage ladder
Storage ladder (By David Brittain)

12. Give a Hallway Sideboard/Closet/Cabinet a Statement Makeover

A simple lick of paint can transform a piece of furniture from unwanted eyesore into the hero piece of the room. A statement up-cycled sideboard is a great way to make a warm welcome in a hallway, for anyone with great taste and creativity.

console-table (By Annie Sloan)

13. Bathroom Racks out of an Old Pallet

bathroom caddy
bathroom caddy (By Colin Poole)

You can remove the top plank from a wooden pallet and attach it at the bottom to fashion an enclosed shelf. The result will be a cheap up-cycled bathroom storage rack. Since the nature of bathrooms are damp, it is better to give the wood a coat of wood protection. Then, it’s better suited for the humid environment.

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