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Small Ideas We Tend to Neglect

Villa Arlo Interiors (Source Wayfair)

When we focus on trendy styles in interiors, the tiny arrangements are usually ignored. Therefore, let us focus on some of these small details. They will add freshness, beauty and glamour with comfort to your space.

Scent as a Trendy Design

Bathroom Scented Candles
Bathroom Scented Candles (Source Pinterest)

People aromatize different areas of their home to create certain moods.

  • For example, you might use peppermint or grapefruit in your home office to promote mental focus.
Camden Walk (Source
  • In the bedroom, you might choose orange to promote sound sleep.
Scented orange clove ornaments (Source Monticello shop)
  • In the living room, you might choose a woodsy fragrance, like cedar or spruce, to promote good vibes and feelings of sitting next to a warm fire.
Easily renovate your living room
Easily renovate your living room (Source digs digs)
  • And in the bathroom, you might add a touch of lavender to your bath water to promote relaxation.
Petals of Purple (Source Pinterest)

Nature Inspired Colour Palettes for Trendy Designs in Interiors

A landscape-inspired palette of soothing greens, timeless blues, and warm earth tones will dominate the coming months. The main reasons being that natural color schemes reduce stress, increase productivity and creativity, and generally make us happier. Hence, green is “the colour” for the future.

Green interiors that you have to see
Green interiors that you have to see (Source feel it cool)

At the same time, when it is too overwhelming, blue is the best option. On the other hand, blue is a color that promotes positivity and elegance in a space without being too overwhelming–or underwhelming!

Sunroom  decorating
Sunroom decorating (Source Pinterest)

In addition to greens and blues, muted terra cotta tones will continue to appear in spaces and home products. This is from hard materials like natural stone, clay, and wood, as well as soft materials like linen, wool, leather, and suede.

Sunset views from my bedroom
Sunset views from my bedroom (Source Pinterest)

Plants and Biophilic Design as Trendy Styles in Interiors

In keeping with the nature-inspired trend, the love for bringing the outdoors in will continue. But, it will be in a more sophisticated way.

Potted Tangerine Citrus Dwarf (Source Best seeds online)

Indoor trees will take centre stage in the home. Hence, more weight will especially go to lemon trees and olive trees planted in large pots.

Studio-McGee-Sunset-House-Dining-Room (Source Studio Mcgee)

Indoor plants clean the air, create a calming effect, and promote wellbeing. Therefore, plant parenting, propagation, biophilic design, vertical plant walls, and indoor gardens are more popular than ever.

Beautiful and small indoor gardens (Source Decorinspiratior)

Miniature greenhouses and contemporary conservatories are another look that will be trending in the coming year. This involves adding a plant-filled spot in a sunny corner of your home, or simply creating a garden-inspired space with patterned wallpaper.

American-Style-Rustic-Wallpaper-Roll-Vintage-Floral-Non-woven-3D-Butterfly-Wall-Paper-Bedroom-Wallpapers (Source Aliexpress)

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