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Your imagination and a few simple tools will transform old bits and pieces to new. It is saving money and most importantly, saving waste. This involves up-cycling furniture, sideboards into fashionable statement pieces, to making a bathroom vanity unit using an old table, creating coffee tables with crates and many easier to follow ideas.

1. Surprise with color

There are so many things you can add with a little bit of creativity and a can of paint. You can bring on a vibrant shade, adding color to the entire space. In addition, paint the inside of your side cupboard with a surprisingly vibrant shade while the outside has a neutral color. It will definitely bring a smile to your face every time you open a drawer or a wardrobe. Color brings joy. So be bold with it!

Colorful furniture
Colorful furniture (By Wayfair)

You can use this idea to invigorate an old pine chest of drawers. Make the outside tonal with the rest of the room, Then, add flashes of accent color or bold designs to the inside to welcome a bright pop of color when the drawers are opened.

2. Modernize your Dated Cabinet/Side table/Closet with On-trend Colors

dated sideboard
dated sideboard (By James French)

Obviously, you want the makeover to be stylish. You don’t want your interior to be shabby. This means taking some time. So, don’t rush in with an impulse color choice or a time limit in which to get the job done. These can make you do mistakes and can ruin the overall look. Trying to do too much on one piece is another easy mistake to make. Therefore, you have to plan your up-cycling beforehand, and thus can limit this.

You should decide what style you want before you start and make sure that it suits your home and your personality.

3. Total Transformation of the dining table

dining table
dining table (By Annie-Sloan)

You can clearly make a statement with your dining table. It is easy introductory up-cycle project. A dining table is a very formal piece of furniture which consists of lots of straight lines and flat surfaces. You can paint the legs of a table with a different color to the top. You can even leave the top unpainted. Moreover, you can erase scuff marks and other signs of wear and tear on the stems with a pop of color.

4. Add Life to a Charity Shop Piece

Charity shop furniture
Charity shop furniture (By Oliver Gordon )

Shop with understanding and look for pieces of furniture to up-cycle. A charity shop item or an old stool might be a good place to start. These items can add a look of elegance and a vintage look to your space, when used carefully and appropriately.

5. Turn your Plain Sideboard/Closet/Cabinet into a Captivating Cane Creation

Cane cabinet
Cane cabinet (By Olive & June)

This is an incredibly stylish addition for any hallway, living room or even bedroom. This is at a fraction of the price of buying a similar design from scratch since it involves a proper designer and a little bit of creativity from your side.

6. The Stencil Look

Furniture Stencil
Furniture Stencil (By cuttingedgestencils)

A large piece of furniture is never cheap to buy new. So, try to recycle when possible. If you have an old sideboard or chest of drawers that is perfectly functional but perhaps no longer to your taste or old fashioned, you can consider giving it a makeover. A stencil is the perfect way to create some unique piece of furniture out of the old one, adding your personal touch while doing so.

7. A Table from Saved Scaffolding

As per designer and up-cycling expert Max McMurdo these are brilliant ideas to create new furniture. He is a huge fan of flat-pack and modular furniture and he says that these scaffold fixings allow you to create your own. The table is entirely constructed using scaffolding materials; the top is boards, the legs scaffold poles held together with scaffold mounts.

Scaffolding table
Scaffolding table (By Wood Create)

He further explains that with just the twist of an Allen key, you can remove the legs of this table, offering flexibility and convenient storage. Scaffolding is designed to support the weight of a team of workers. Therefore, it lends itself particularly to table construction.

8. Play with Patterns

Patterned furniture
Patterned furniture (By Annie-Sloan)

You can create different patterns if you are in the mood for adventure and is keen to experiment with designs. You can use stencils and various colors to give your old piece of furniture a newer look while showing it some love.

9. Paint and Wall-mount Wooden Boxes

wall-mounted shelf
wall-mounted shelf (By amazon)

Packaging crates can become so much more when you give them a coat of color and wall-mount them. You can use them to curate thoughtful wall displays. If you are more creative, you can use them as bookshelves. Just be sure to secure them safely.  You shouldn’t overload them if the wall fixings aren’t strong enough to take the weight.

10. Old Chairs Dressed in a Splash of Color and Pattern

old furniture
Upcycled old furniture (By old chairs)

If older designs are not your thing, you can try updating any inherited old furniture with a touch of color and pattern. You can easily do this using a specialist furniture paint that can add personality to a wooden frame and give seats a new look with new upholstery.

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