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Rebirth of Cane

With the new ways of thinking based on going green and Eco friendly material, cane furniture and nursery items have made a comeback. Since it’s a seventies style staple, don’t expect it to look the same. Be it cane nursery furniture or small nursery accessories, they’ll have a modern edgier look which will fit right in to most nursery design styles, with its rich texture and neutral color.

Cane baby crib nursery design
Cane baby crib nursery design (By Perth)

Stars Galore

In 2022, just like in the past years, we will see lots and lots of star themed nursery designs. Whether it’s wallpaper, rugs or crib bedding, parents are trying to create a celestial statement in their little one’s nursery.

Star nursery design
Star nursery design (By elrhab)

Sophistication from the Crib

One of the biggest nursery design trends we expect to see will be the pop up of rich hues in nursery designs, reflecting our optimism. Parents tend to turn to colors to liven up the baby’s room. We expect to see lots of nursery designs with jewel or earthy tones. These will lend a sense of rejuvenation to the space. 

Sophisticated baby crib
Sophisticated baby crib design (By marlydice)

Curved in Style

Curved furniture has been gaining popularity lately. This trend will continue in the nursery designs of 2022 too. From cribs to nursery dressers and even arches- the curvy look is here. Now bigger pieces like arched wood bed frames, curved gliders and round edged bookshelves are feeling so right.

Curved baby crib nursery design
Curved baby crib (By Whole Bubs)

Wooden Beauties

One of the most requested nursery design themes of all times is a woodland theme. This trend will definitely continue in 2022. There’s something undeniably enchanting about a nursery with woodland elements and accents which is whimsical and elegant.

Wooden baby crib
Wooden baby crib (By charlesdeluvio )

Nature in Style

2022 will cater to nursery designs incorporating more organic and natural materials such as wood, ceramics and stone. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve turned to nature to seek comfort and to reinvigorate ourselves. This has come into our homes and now to the nursery as well.

Nature integrated nursery
Nature integrated nursery design (By Computechsale)

 Marble Walls 

The enticing swirls of sophisticated marble are not limited and reserved only for your kitchen or bathroom! We’re expecting marbling to take center stage in the form of gorgeous wallpapers inside your little ones room.

Bouclé Textures. 

Last year saw a strong comeback in this nubby look of bouclé. That was limited to your living room. Now it has made its way into the nursery too. This is the best cozier fit!

Bouclé Textures
Bouclé Textures for baby room (By Project Nursery)

Blue again 

This year’s scene stealer will be blue. From dusty blue to midnight, to just a little bit French country, we think the right blue can make a statement. These blues will also lend themselves as versatile neutrals.

Blue baby room (By Marie Despeyroux)

The Butterfly Effect. 

Delicate and beautiful, the butterfly has become a metaphor for transformation and hope. It is an all-time favorite, which is always in style. Can’t think of a more welcome addition to 2022.

Butterfly effect
Butterfly effect (By designbynumbers)

 Camping trip  

Wilderness and animals have always been favorite topics among little minds as well as the parents. Therefore, it is not a surprise to see the popping up of the wild side in bold ways within the playroom. Cheetah prints, jungle and animal-inspired decor will be a breath of fresh air, especially after a few years of minimalistic and monochromatic play spaces.

Camping theme
Camping themed baby room (By PRETEND Magazine)

 Line up  

Yesterday or today or in future, the skinny, thick, triple or solo line wall decals are trending strong. Wall decals are the single best way too easily and affordably get your nursery or big kid room design off and running.

Line interior
Line interior walls for baby room (By Decoist)

 Wood Wall Games

From complex geometric designs to simple paneling, the traditional board and batten has met its match with these new and unique wood wall designs. These add elegance coupled with tradition into your baby’s little room.

Bouclé Textures
Bouclé Textures in nursery (By Project Nursery)

 Colors of Happiness 

All neutral all the time trend will finally take a backseat. We can see a re-emergence of color, which will reign supreme in 2022. It is time to get ready for brighter, more playful colors to pop up in nurseries and playrooms all year.

Happy colours for baby room
Happy colours for baby room (By Decoist)

 A Tiny Cottage. 

This is a bit warmer than the modern farmhouse with a sprinkle of granny-chic. This trend can be achieved by incorporating sweet prints, a few fairy tale characters and loads of layers for a cozy, lived in feel.

Cottage theme
Cottage themed baby room interior (By Project Nursery)

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