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Creating a productive home office cannot be done by just purchasing a table and chair for a room in your house. It requires a bit more creativity and forethought than that. Here are some of the most successful home office design ideas to help you be more productive at work from home.

1.      Before creating a home office, determine what you truly require.

Work from home
Work from home plan (By Yasmina H)

A home office must be fit for the type of job you do.  This is how you can make your home office more functional. For example, if your job necessitates a large storage area, you may need to consider the size of the room as well as the furnishings you’ll need. Furthermore, if you need a quiet area to work in, yet have noisy children, you may wish to soundproof your home office.  As a result, after you know what you require, you can plan for the design of your workroom.

2.      Separate your home office from the rest of your house; GO OUTSIDE!

It might provide you with a lot of personal space to work if your workplace is in a separate room from your house. This can also help you think more clearly and avoid any distractions.

Outdoor home office
Outdoor home office (By Jane Palash)

3. Make your home office more “green.”

Greenery in workroom
Greenery in workroom (By Roberto Nickson)

Nature has always been a haven for people’s thoughts. Furthermore, studies show that by bringing nature into our workplaces, we may make them happier and healthier. If you live in a city, you might not be able to move your workplace outside. What you can always do is incorporate nature into your housework space. You may, for example, create indoor home gardens and have a terrarium or even an aquarium on your workplace table.

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4. Make it look clean and vibrant.

A bright and tidy home office is ideal for thinking and creating. A dark, dull environment might stifle your creativity.

bright home office
Clean and bright home office (By James McDonald )

Natural light tends to be more effective when it comes to working. You may also ensure that light spreads around the space, and it will be ideal if your work table faces a window. You can also have a good bright light facing your table at night.

5. Allow for the option of standing up and working.

Sitting for an extended period might be damaging to our health. A flexible work desk will be suitable as a solution. Working at a standing desk will boost your energy and attention. It can help to lessen the likelihood of back discomfort caused by uncomfortable seats. Of course, stating up for too long might be difficult as well. That is why you may have a table with a flexible top. They enable you to stand and sit at regular intervals without having to relocate any of your stuff. One innovative product that is well suited for this is the Varidesk created by Vari. 

Varidesk for office
Varidesk for office (By woodworkingnetwork)

6. Consider the colors of your home office space.

Different colors are shown to be best for certain moods. Light blues, for example, assist to quiet the mind and enhance focus, whilst deeper blues stimulate clear thinking. Brighter colors, such as yellow, assist to stimulate creativity and stamina.

Dark blue home office
Dark blue themed office room (By Štefan Štefančík)

Although a dark atmosphere might appear luxurious and spacious, it can make you sleepy and less willing to work. As a result, know the colors that will help you achieve the desired mood and be more productive at work when planning your home office design.

7. Make it unique.

Unique home office
Unique home office design (By Roberto Nickson)

Beautiful and one-of-a-kind furniture, such as an antique writing desk, as well as vivid, vibrant prints and artwork, may all encourage creativity. You may add items that make the workspace distinctive in your manner. This will also help you maintain a pleasant and comfortable attitude, which will help you maintain a stress-free mindset.

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