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About 80% of the energy in the US comes from fossil fuels. But, there are American renewable energy companies that are working towards obtaining a greener future for the country.  

Wind and solar are the fastest-growing renewable energy sources in the USA. However, they only provide about 3.8% of the total energy production. Nevertheless, these numbers are expected to grow heavily. The predictions are that up to 73 GW of renewable energy will be produced by 2030. 

The major sources of renewable energy in the USA consist of hydropower and wind for electricity and biofuels and wood as biomass. 

The USA is the 4th largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world. Moreover, this accounts for 45.71% of the nation’s total renewable electricity plus 6.5% of the nation’s total electricity. Similarly, 5.5% of total country production came from wind capacity. Mjority comes from Texas, Iowa, and Oklahoma. 

Solar power is accelerating its contribution to the nation’s electricity production by 1.3%. The US has also pioneered solar thermal energy production. This also contributes as a renewable energy source for the country.

Other renewable energy sources include geothermal. The Geysers in Northern California is the most important geothermal complex within the world.

1.     GREEN FUEL Technologies

GREEN FUEL Technologies
GREEN FUEL Technologies(homebiogas, n.d.,)
  • Founded: 1975 A.D
  • Headquarter: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Number of employees: 63
  • Sector: Biomass, Bioenergy, and Biofuels
  • Significant Feats: First company to successfully use modern “enzymatic hydrolysis” technology to produce commercial quantities of cellulosic ethanol in 2004
  • Website: 

Green Fuel Technologies is an American renewable energy company. However, they are in the lead with the “CLEAN AIR REVOLUTION” with professional-grade fuel supplements that are environmentally safe and cost-efficient. The Green fuel product line helps reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions by 70%.  Furthermore, they are being 100% biodegradable. 

Green fuel technologies are mainly focusing on improving the performance of vehicles too. The company claims that its product can increase the mileage by 10 to 20%. At the same time, it can increase combustion and engine power. The green fuel product line can be used for various applications. However, these include, transportation, vehicle fleets, cargo, shipping, automotive, industrial or commercial to reduce operations costs of energy and to reduce global carbon footprint. 

2. Inventure Renewables Inc

  • Founded: 2006
  • Headquarters: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Number of Employees: 10+ 
  • Sector: Biodiesel 
  • Significant Feats: Patents for unlocking value in Agri waste
  • Specialties: Biofuel, Renewables, Lipids, Engineering, Mixed Supercritical Fluid, Free Fatty Acids, Biomass, Ethanol, Biodiesel, Medium Chain Fatty Acids, Coconut Fatty Acids, and Analytical Chemistry
  • Website: 

Unlocking the Value of Agribusiness waste, with patented processes, and fully facilitated labs to accelerate renewable science innovation are the specialities of Inventure, which is an American renewable energy company. The company helps agri-business, ole-chemical, and biofuel companies to increase their overall profitability. This is through finding ways to convert waste products and by-products into value-added materials. 

Inventure Renewables has Mixed Supercritical Fluid Technology, Soap Carbonate technology, and Biomass technologies as some of the technologies perfected by them. Moreover, these provide cost-effective and fast conversion of Agri waste, soapstock, and byproducts into a host of high-value biochemicals including biofuels, biodiesel, and nutraceutical.

Their team of chemical engineers is also involved in numerous other researches like sponsored research, where the company develops and commercializes customized solutions for generating more value. These include catalyst development, continuous chromatography, reactive distillations, and more. 

3. Synthetic Genomics

Synthetic Genomics
Synthetic Genomics (viridos, n.d.,)
  • Founded: 2005 
  • Headquarters: La Jolla, CA
  • Sector: Biomass, Bioenergy, and Biofuels
  • Specialties: Synthetic Biology Fermentation, Next Generation Genomics, Bioprocessing, Bioinformatics, Cell Optimization, Biodiscovery, Advanced Engineering, Gene Editing, Cell Engineering, Scale-up, Algae Biofuels, and Algae


A leader in the genomics revolution, Synthetic Genomics, Inc. (SGI) is American renewable energy. However, they are harnessing the power of algae to make renewable, low carbon, and energy-dense liquid fuels which can be used for heavy-duty transportation applications.

Synthetic Genomics is determined to apply their profound genomic expertise to design functionality through biology that can hopefully address the biggest challenge faced by humanity and the earth: climate change. Furthermore, he company specializes in improving the algae which grow on sunlight and CO2 by turning them into a large-scale and broadly deployable crop. However, this is without competing for prime agricultural land and water resources. 

The company has been partnering with ExxonMobil since 2009 which has helped them deploy their cutting-edge biological innovations to a massive scale, in its mission to fight climate change and ensure a green future for everyone,. 

4. Solazyme Inc 

  • Headquarters: South San Fransisco. 
  • Founded: 2005 
  • Sector: Biomass, Bioenergy, and Biofuels
  • Notable Feats: commissioned 345,000 tonnes of waste processing technology
  • Specialties: solid waste management, liquid waste management, renewable energy production
  • Website: 

Formerly the Solazyme Inc, Terra Via is an American renewable energy company. They specialize in harnessing the power of algae to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to the food industry. They have been able to develop vital food, nutrition, and specialty ingredients, such as healthy oils & fats, proteins, fibers, and micronutrients from the algae.

TerraVia™ is a next-generation food, nutrition, and specialty ingredients company. Moreover, they are in the process of using the power of algae, the mother of all plants and earth’s original superfood, to deliver much-needed innovation and sustainable solutions to the food industry. Moreover, TerraVia’s algae-based platform is transforming our food system at a fast rate, bringing together better nutrition and great taste, along with economic and environmental sustainability.

The company has spent over a decade unlocking the power of algae. Their idea is to find and develop vital food, nutrition, and specialty ingredients, such as healthy oils and fats, proteins, fibers, and micronutrients. The company is well-positioned to help meet the growing need of consumer packaged goods and established and emerging food manufacturers to improve the nutritional profile of foods, without sacrificing taste.

TerraVia also manufactures a range of specialty personal care ingredients for key strategic partners. Therefore, the Company’s mission is to create products that are truly better for people and better for the planet.

5. PlanEt

  • Founded: 1998 (2006)
  • Headquarters: Vrden, Nordrhein – Westfalen
  • Sector: Biomass, Bioenergy, and Biofuels
  • Notable Feats:  16 Million+ Metric tons of CO2 saved worldwide through their technology
  • Anaerobic Digester Construction, Biogas Systems, Service, and Engineering
  • Website: 

PlanET biogas solutions is an affiliate of PlanET biogas group Gmbh(Germany). Moreover, it is a global biogas industry leader and a leader of the agricultural bio sector in North America. PlanET stands for “Planning and Application of Energy Technology”, and specializes in the design, construction, and service of advanced biogas plants. Moreover, it was started in 1998,

The company has over 500 biogas plants worldwide. Moreover, they catered to local markets in a strategic partnership model that ensures quick ways to profit while providing long-term business success. The company offers services like construction and upgrade of digester plants, renewable natural gases, conversion of waste to energy, modular small biogas plants as well as services for feasibility, design, and other expert services. Biogas plants by PlanEt are characterized by customer focus, reliability, innovation, and efficiency. 

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