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You could be wondering how to make your own mobile home appear even better, or you might be looking for design ideas that might entirely alter your house for the betterment of you and your family. Here are a few simple methods to remodel your mobile home.

Mobile home
Mobile homes (By McFadden’s Mobile Homes)

1.      New siding for your mobile home

Your nice mobile home might seem unattractive if the siding is worn away. On average, you must change it every 10-20 years. Wood siding, vinyl siding, or stone overlay, on the other hand, may greatly raise the value of your property. These advancements can have an ROI of up to 84 percent, depending on the precise material you pick. Smart Siding is a product that is accessible in the western states. It is considered far more durable and stronger than the other siding materials.

2.      New doors

Having a run-down, tacky, and outdated front door may always make a negative first impression on visitors. The appearance of your front entrance may have a significant impact on the rest of your property. Exterior door replacement is a very low-cost addition that adds a significant amount of value to any property, including new mobile homes. For your front entrance, larger doors are recommended since they are more inviting.

Mobile home interior doors, on the other hand, are more likely to be a source of concern since they are laminated inside doors. These doors, which are manufactured to seem like wood with a gleaming exterior layer, make the house appear less comfortable. Simple elements, on the other hand, may make a significant impact on your home. Painting your doors is a terrific way to improve the images they create.

Mobile Home Interior Door
Mobile Home Interior Door (By mobilehomeliving)

To paint your mobile home’s laminated shining doors, clean them first and then add paintable wallpaper. Then, using attractive and soothing colors like white or badge, you may repaint these doors. You may apply similar paint to your walls later to make your home appear more spacious and livelier.

3.      Better cabinetry for the interior of your mobile home

Smaller MDF cabinetry with a fake wood paper overlay applied to it or vinyl coated cabinetry is common in low and mid-range homes.

Mobile home cabinets
Mobile home cabinets (By Moduline Cabinets)

Most of the cabinet doors have a laminated appearance, similar to the doors of a mobile home. Real wood cabinets, on the other hand, might be a costly option. However, it may increase the value of your house. However, with a little work, you can make even the most basic cabinets seem more luxurious. As a result, you may either DIY to make them more appealing or buy cheaper vinyl-wrapped cabinets that are upgraded to look taller with crown molding.

4.      Upgraded windows

Upgrading the windows in your mobile home might be a smart move. There are various energy-saving solutions for interior renovation, including windows, thanks to contemporary global developments. Thermal pane windows are a fantastic addition to any mobile home. These can improve the aesthetics of your home’s inside and outside. Not only that, but you can save money on your energy costs while also helping the environment.

5.      Improved and simpler flooring

Most of the mobile home flooring is fragile; even a minor leak can cause the floor to bulge and necessitate a complete replacement. However, you may make wiser modifications to your mobile home’s flooring by replacing the decking with at least 5/8′′ plywood or Novadeck materials. You may also add a nice-looking carpet in a neutral color like gray to make it trendier.

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