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Our homes have massively evolved over the past two years. They have become sanctuaries as well as multi-functional spaces fit for family life. As the trend passes on to 2022, it’s predicted that there would be a surge in the interior of bedroom plants, indoor gardens, and hobby rooms for creativity to flow.

An analysis on Google trends data, tradespeople website MyJobQuote, shows that people are growing increasingly mindful of their mental and physical wellbeing when decorating their home. There’s nothing better than a fresh lick of paint, but your space should have a wellbeing focus.

Take a look at the top wellbeing interior trends for 2022.  

1. Indoor gardens

The benefits of an indoor garden are endless. You can fill your house with potted plants, herbs and root veggies. These are the top wellbeing interior trend for 2022. You have the freedom to design your indoor garden based on the area available. Hence it doesn’t matter whether you live in a studio apartment, cottage or a mansion.

garden interior
Indoor garden interior (By AdriaGoulaPhoto )

Taking the time out to look after plants can significantly help boost your mood. Maybe you are growing vegetables from scratch or just tending to purchased houseplants, the boost they give are the same.

2. Home sanctuary

Home Sanctuary
Sanctuary in-home (By society19)

As per experts, the usage of natural materials when building furniture instead of having man-made materials like plastic reduces anxiety. Since we have been spending an awful lot of time at home, it’s unsurprising that we are trying to turn our spaces into anxiety-inducing sanctuaries. In 2022, more focus will be on natural element to interior design.

3.    Plants for the Bedroom

Air purifying plants have the ability to clean the air and increase oxygen levels. Therefore, they can give us a restful night’s sleep. So, they are excellent bedroom accessories.

Interior plant décor
Plants for Your Bedroom (By thespruce)

People are embracing plant life and understandably so due to the mental health benefits that plants offer. Plants generally improve wellbeing, from improving the air quality to increasing concentration and productivity. But you have to do this very carefully because certain plants in the bedroom can be a bit dangerous too.

When it comes to choosing bedroom plants, consider foolproof lavender and rosemary. These potted wonders are often be found in the kitchen. But, their sleep-inducing essential oils can soothe and clear the mind before bed. Best of all, they’re easier to maintain.

4. Clean indoor air

Clean indoor air is critical for good health. Although there is a possibility that our air quality inside can be up to five times more polluted than outdoors.

Clean interior air
Clean interior air (By jxpays)

The simplest way to achieve cleaner indoor air is with plants. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, meaning they act as natural air purifiers.

Other than plants, you should consider paints and sealants with a low VOC (volatile organic compound). Many popular paints release traces of VOC or gas well after drying, which can be a health hazard.

5. Minimalism

Minimalism – the idea of shedding décor down to its essential — is another wellbeing interior trend you have to consider in 2022. Despite many homes experimenting with maximalist design, soon people will de-clutter, stop hoarding, and keep ornaments at a minimum.

Minimalist interior (By minimalismmadesimple)

A minimalist home may seem like a tough job. But, if the need is there, it can be really easy to attain. De-cluttering is a great point to start when you are trying to achieve a minimalist living space.

6. Building a home gym

As homebound consumers scramble to build home gyms, sales of fitness gear, gadgets and apparel have skyrocketed during the pandemic. As home gyms become a more accessible as well as cheap, option for fitness enthusiasts more people will look to build their own home gym in 2022.

Home gym
Home gym (By stylebyemilyhenderson)

When building your home gym, you should always choose a room which is well ventilated. When your equipment is left in an unventilated and damp environment, they may start to rust and break sooner. It will be unhealthy even for the person using the equipment. Therefore, even just an open window can make a difference.

7. Psychology of colors

Polor is a powerful tool, especially in your home. Moreover, it can influence the way we feel in our living space.

Colorful interior
Colorful interior (By houzz)

A few bright ideas to dip your paintbrush into include:

  • sunshine yellow,
  • blush pink,
  • soft green
  • cobalt blue.

Pastel shades can help to introduce tranquility. Darker reds can lift the energy in a room and stimulate love, anger, and power. Light grey tones, on the other hand, can make a space feel much brighter.

8. Organic interiors

If you want to bring nature into your home in an effective way, try using organic shapes and naturally-made materials. Incorporating woods, hemp, and stone products will help to bring the outside in.

Organic interior
Organic interior decoration (By canerofset)

With the growing popularity and demand, more expensive pieces are becoming cheaper than before. They are available and can be found in places such as vintage furniture or charity shops, for a fraction of the original price.

9. A space to meditate

Meditation is a wonderful way to clear the mind and create mental space. While meditation can be practiced anywhere in the home, setting out a designated area will help you reap the benefits in full.

Meditation space
Meditation space (By alomoves)

You can seek out a spot in your home where you feel the most comfortable. It has to be away from any potential distractions. The room or space should be kept clean and uncluttered. The lighting of the room must be taken into consideration. Natural light is best for meditation. However, this can’t always be achieved. Therefore, you can consider adding lamps to brighten the room.

10. Hobby room

Hobby room
Hobby room (By theinspiredroom0

With the pandemic leading to a huge surge in the uptake of hobbies, 2022 will have a hope that people will continue to spend more time with their favorite pastime. Whether it’s an art studio, sewing room or music space, hobby rooms are hubs for creativity and will serve to be functional as well as inspirational.

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