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Who doesn’t adore a lovely home? It is the ultimate destination for anyone’s comfort, security, and warmth. The house, no matter how big or tiny, is always a magnificent dream home for its residents. However, here are some of the most stunning modern houses ever built.

1. Roca Llisa by SAOTA & ARRCC

The owners of this modern house stipulated a contemporary reinvention of the classic Mediterranean villa they had purchased at the top of a wooded hill in the exclusive Roca Llisa area. Furthermore, the design was meant to cater to the functions of family, retreat and meditative space, and a fully functioning entertainment venue.

Located on hilly terrain, Roca Llisa has a spectacular view of the ocean and the island of Formentera. Moreover, it is ideally situated half-way between Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia del Rio, close to the villages of Jesus and Cala Llonga, for those looking to escape the summer club scene.

The island is known for more frantic lifestyle. In contrast to that, Roca Llisa estate is a commune of luxury and peace. Inspired by its context and occupation, the finished home successfully imparts a sense of calm simplicity, showered with natural light.

ARRCC’s design approach focused on the use of organic materials, including timber and stone, to embed the building into its site. This was done while adding warmth and depth to the minimal interior. Large sliding, glass doors to the outdoor terraces was able to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living.

Architects: Stefan Antoni & Mark Rielly of SAOTA & ARRCC
Location: IbizaSpain

2. Modern Clifton 2A Residence by SAOTA

This modern house is located in an adaptable contemporary family habitation on a fabulous yet difficult site. The site is on the edge underneath Lions Head with 270° perspectives of the Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles past.

A main work plan to make a liberal level for foremost front rooms was to hoist the primary level on a plinth. On this are the visitor rooms and auxiliary spaces, like the Gym, Study, Garage. However, this Ground Floor is in part set into the precarious site along these lines. It expands the living level and raises it over the common street. The first and second floors were then taken back, divided and pivoted. Moreover, this was done to make a focal yet shielded outside porch. A glass scaffold is used to frame the connection between the divided structures at the upper levels. It allows North daylight to sparkle between the room wings and into the focal regions on the South side of this modern house.

Architects: SAOTA
Location: Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2014
Area: 1120 sqm
Photo courtesy: Adam Letch

3. Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

The location encompasses water surrounded by an amazing viewpoint of the Mediterranean Sea. An interpretation of the fantasy leads to an outline idea of water.

Architects: 123DV
Location: MarbellaSpain
Year: 2015
Area: 6,674 sqft / 620 sqm
Photo courtesy: Carlos Caceres Lavergne

There is a square of water with glass dividers in this beautiful modern house. The corners are straightforward and there is no steel development connected. It is in the heart of the estate. Beside this swimming pool, a channel of water flows along the whole living territory. It goes down the stairs, and in addition upstairs. Moreover, from the glass staircase you can get a look of the ocean from unique perspectives. However, stone usage repeats on the top floor. Here there is a a perky move of inside/outside. On the rooftop you can encounter most extreme flexibility. You can utilize the outside shower while looking at the ocean.

Find some of the modern staircase ideas here:

4. Ultramodern Shell Residence by ARTechnic Architects

With a column of pine trees as the primary perspective, the arrangement was to build the manor around the huge fir tree as the focal point of the site. An expansive shell molded structure includes amidst the forested areas. It is difficult to figure out what precisely the arrangement is. It obviously is not a piece of nature – nor is it a ruin. 

Yet, with the financial backing, development strategy and completion, the arrangement mends down to a shell structure of two dimensionally bended surfaces. Moreover, the J molded structure includes by two distinctive size oval barrel shaped masses cut with bends. The straight piece of J, a smaller mass, unites with a bended part to J, which is a bigger mass. The highest point of the oval molded building divider thickens by 330mm. However, its width continually increases up to 730mm at both sides to meet the basics.

Architects: ARTechnic Architects
Location: Kitasaku, Nagano, Japan
Area: 3,500 sqft
Photo courtesy: Nacasa & Partners Inc

5. V4 Modern House by Studio MK27

If we focus on the structure, the one-story sub-evaluation abiding extends to the furthest points of the site adding color from the inside project as much as the outside patio nursery. Moreover, along one hub, a wooden box enveloped in punctured timber boards contains the private rooms. Shaded from direct sun light, they are consequently all more effectively customary.

A limitless uncovered solid rooftop mass with coordinated pillars expands oppositely vanishing into the regular stone holding divider. This characterizes the property line, serving as an outside deck on evaluation. People in general living spaces outline by four slim sections, wrapped in retractable glass ways to submerge the inhabitant in the open air environment.

Architects: Studio MK27
Location:  São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2012
Photos: Nelson Kon

6. The Ultramodern Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann

The Ultramodern Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann is a rethinking structure inside of innovation. It is a benchmark building that sets the bar in respect to what innovation is and can be. All through the most recent century, there have been a couple of incredible structures that characterized innovation. Presently, Steve Hermann’s Glass Pavilion takes the structural occupants of these greats and launches these ideas into the new thousand years.

Set inside a 3.5+/ – section of land in the home of oak forests in Montecito and bragging 14,000+/ – sq. ft. under rooftop, this modern house is amazingly stunning. As a totally glass home, it permits tenants to be easily inside while totally encompassed inside of nature. As you drive down an old gated carport, it gradually comes into view. You come up against a vast, all glass home, skimming above tenderly moving gardens. The site of it is remarkable.

Architects: Steve Hermann
Location: Santa BarbaraCaliforniaUSA
Year: 2010
Area: 13,875 sqft
Price: $15,9 million
Photo courtesy: Wm MacCollum

7. Ultramodern Beverly Grove Residence by BO.SHI Architects

Beverly Grove Residence is a brilliant exhibition hall quality, contemporary home with amazing city and sea view. This is a remarkable and exceptional creation, even in Beverly Hills. Moreover, a five-minute drive from the Beverly Hills Hotel, the rich gated property comprises of 6 rooms, 10 showers, a taking off 36′ thousand passage hall and completely mechanized floor-to-roof glass dividers that vanish at the touch of a switch. However, this consistently incorporates roughly 15,500 sq. ft. of wonderful indoor/open air living. Moreover, the home triumphs each luxury, including a 100′ endless edge pool and a luxurious outside region. Its Craftsman-quality completions and equipment are just difficult to recreate. The imported materials, from the cleaning specialist’s quarters to the main room suite, change the home into a present day paradise.

Wander outside to the fantastic infinite pool including a 12 man spa, chimney, and diversion territory. The in part submerged chaise lounges, reminiscent of a Greek island getaway, confront the Pacific sea out there as the bowl of Los Angeles unravels like a cover. Moreover, taken inside and out, the home exhibits how the cleanest lines and downplayed enumerating can make the most significant effect.

Architects: BO.SHI Architects
Location: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 11,250 sqft
Area: 2015
Photo courtesy: The Agency

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