The Hoke house featured in ‘Twilight Saga’

The Hoke house was built in 2007 with little regard for its hillside location. The architects of Skylab designed it. According to the architects, the Hoke home provides a place for interaction between the colorful outside surroundings and dramatic indoor areas. Furthermore, the sloping site posed technical obstacles. This required a novel design that needed a compact building footprint and spacious interior.

In its materials and mechanisms, the House skillfully combines the technology and the archaic. Furthermore, it enhances the light tree-house sensation of the main interior rooms. Despite the house’s bold cantilevers and artistic accents, the textures, and spaces remain natural and simple. The natural materials and daylight streaming through the windows make the house appear warm and pleasant.

The Hoke house has 4,800 square feet of living area and features in the film “Twilight Saga.” It is a stunning modern private house on the borders of Northwest Portland.

The Hoke house’s exterior design

The exterior of the Hoke house ((homedesignlover, 2019)

The Hoke House is in a beautiful forest location. It has a strong angled geometry. Furthermore, it provides a dramatic contrast to the lush native trees along the south-facing hill. Despite the great design, the outside areas appeared detached from one another and the wider setting.

The client and architects presented an integrative design approach in 2012 to reconsider how the landscape may be better and capitalize on its surroundings. It included a west-end expansion to the home. It had a vision focused on ecology, mobility, and unification. As a result, the design team completely changed the area while also harnessing the processes already at work in the landscape. The home has many decks and patios that connect to the interiors by floor-to-ceiling openings.

The interior design of the Hoke house

The interior of the hoke house (Bittermann. J, 2021)

Because the Hoke home is in a densely forested location, undoubtedly there are numerous lights inside. The interior of the house includes ornamenting jars and other items to give it a modern appeal. Most of the rooms have transparent windows installed to provide a magnificent view of the forests. The colours of the furniture, rugs, and accessories complement the wood floors.

A contemporary fireplace is built in another living room space, making it appear cozy and welcoming. Furthermore, overhead lighting and interestingly formed chairs contribute to the originality and modern appearance.

Because of the white paint and ceiling lighting, the bedrooms in the Hoke home appear spacious. Because of the clean lines style, even the children’s bedrooms appear nice and tidy. As everything is white and there is a natural skylight, the bathroom has the same open and clean aspect as the bedrooms of the house.

Overall, the interior of the house appears to be extremely appealing, with no over-accessorizing or mismatched furnishings. Read more…


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