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Choosing a compact design that won’t take up too much floor space is essential when your space is small. Most of the time a sofa bed or pull-out design that can be closed away when not in use is a sensible choice. This is very practical if a guest bedroom is only used occasionally.

small bedroom interior design
small bedroom interior design (Source
Bedroom design for ADU
Bedroom design for ADU (Source

No matter what you select as the bed in your small space, the most important fact is the comfort. ‘Whether it is your main sofa in a living room or a secondary sofa in a snug or guest room, the comfort level should be the same as you would provide in a bedroom. Therefore, choosing a sofa bed that incorporates a mattress is essential. At the same time remember that the thicker the mattress the better.

Space saving bed design
Space saving bed design doe an ADU (Source
Multifunctional sofa bed
Multifunctional sofa bed design (Source

When your guests are staying more than one night, it might be worth considering a design where the ready-made bed can be folded away. This is saving time each night when pulling the bed back out.

ready made small bed for guests
ready made small bed for guests (Source
flexible beds
Space saving bed design (Source


A bed for a small room
A bed for a small room (Source ARCHITECTURALDIGEST.COM)

It might be tempting to push the bed against a wall to create a feeling of space in a small bedroom. But, at the same time, this can sometimes achieve the reverse effect and make the bedroom look cramped. It can make it difficult to get in and out of bed.

Small bed pushed against the wall
Small bed pushed against the wall (Source

Positioning a bed at the center, on the longest wall can help to give a small bedroom a better sense of balance. This will make it easy to access the bed on both sides.

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Centered bed
Centered bed for ADU’s bedroom (Source
Centered small bed
Centered small bed in small bedroom (Source

You can remove one or both bedside tables and replace them with wall-hung shelves. This will free up extra wall space.  Adding wall-hung pendants instead of table lamps will leave surfaces less crowded too.

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