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In 2021, Tesla Energy’s results will be better, but mixed. During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call, the world’s best-known electric-vehicle manufacturer put cars first and didn’t talk about solar products at all. However, both verticals expanded, with solar increasing by 68% and storage increasing by 32%.

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Why is there so little mention of solar in Tesla Energy’s quarterly report?

Tesla Energy’s fourth-quarter earnings call for 2022 only made a passing reference to solar power. But it didn’t go into much detail about how to store electricity. Even though it has been stated that energy storage has terawatts of potential, but growth expectations for 2022 remain low due to chip issues. Furthermore, Musk stated unequivocally that energy storage deployment would take a back seat to the delivery of their much more profitable electric vehicles in 2021.

The number of people who used the Solar Roof product went up by three times. The company’s side deck indicates this. However, no specific product numbers have been released by the company.

Tesla Energy’s solar provider offers both solar power and storage to their customers. Compared to 2020, Tesla’s sales of solar power and energy storage both went up over the last 12 months. Solar power sales rose 68% and energy storage sales rose 32% for the whole year compared to 2020. In the fourth quarter, both products saw sales fall by 34% and grow by 2.4%.

The reason for Tesla Energy’s lack of emphasis on solar in its quarterly report

Over the last five quarters, Tesla has made very little money from its energy business.  As a result, Tesla Energy’s quarterly report places a low priority on solar. Before, Musk said he thought energy storage would eventually catch up to, and grow faster than, cars.

However, Musk believes that by 2022, batteries will no longer be the primary issue in the production of automobiles. The challenge will instead be in making chips. Silicon carbide inverters were said to be the most important and specific part of electric cars, but they’re hard to get now.

According to reports, chip issues may also slow the use of energy storage. Deployment volumes will also grow slowly. At least for the time being. Musk stated that energy storage deployment could increase by 50%, and he and another company representative stated that much more growth is possible. However, it is far less likely. This explains Tesla Energy’s lack of emphasis on solar in its quarterly report.

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