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The side setbacks are the gaps that must exist between the building and the land’s side border. The minimum clearance required to guarantee that the building benefits from increased aeration, sunshine, and permeability is defined by master plans, building rules, or zoning restrictions. This feature brings several qualities to the built environment. However, many individuals are unaware of how to make the most of the extra space created by the setback. As a result, it is frequently used as a tunnel.

At ground level, the boundary of the land will form the contact with the outside. You can see that no one likes to open a window and come across a wall in addition to studying the material, texture and color that will be in this wall. The alternative of creating a landscape project can greatly increase the spatial quality of both the side setback and the internal space that is in constant contact with it. A green perimeter in the plot will bring nature closer to the resident. Moreover, it follows building codes of maintaining a permeable area of the ground, for better absorption of rainwater.

Another option is inserting large retractable openings that allow the physical union between internal and external spaces. This will create an expanded environment.

1. A Space for Social and Family Gatherings

Seating area outside
Seating area outside (By Ideal Home)

Backyards, balconies, barbecue places, are all spaces for socializing in Brazilian culture. It is not hard to think about how the side setbacks can be thought of to expand these environments and be used as living spaces. Moreover, to make it more comfortable, it is worth paying attention to materials, textures and even the lighting design. 

2.     Water, the Best Attraction

Water is an element that can evoke feelings of calmness and well-being according to architecture. Moreover, it can bring benefits to thermal and acoustic comfort. However, all this depends on the dimensions and scales of each environment. Therefore, even placed in the space of the side setback, a reflecting pool can become the protagonist of an environment.

Swimming pool
Swimming pool (By HGTV)

A lane of a swimming pool can also be designed to make better use of that space for those who wish to have a swimming pool at home.

3.     Many more Options.

It may be possible to think of some types of coverings in the lateral setback, according to the rules that govern the building code of your plot. Through this, it is possible to cover and transform it into a protected and multipurpose space that allows living, meeting, gardening and storage.

Side setback ideas
Side setback ideas (By ArchDaily)

It is also feasible to demolish a large portion of the home so that the side setbacks blends into numerous open areas. The setbacks are therefore viewed as interwoven sections of the entire home, rather than as a passageway.


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