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Summer is a season of sunny days. It is the time for warm hearts and a season of excitement and positivity. If you want to bring the season to your small home, it means bringing all the joy of the season. The best way to embrace summer at home is through the cool summertime colors.

Marigold Summertime Paint Color

Marigold Summertime colors
Marigold Summertime colors (Source

This colour is a combination of yellow and orange. Both yellow and orange shades have playfulness in them. They are echoing a sense of happiness in the interiors and positivity in the surrounding. It will shine and produce a beautiful aura whenever the rays of the summer heat touch the paint colour. If you think the color is too bright, you can mellow down the marigold colour with a white combination in the skirting areas. You can accentuate the marigold colour with beige/natural brown decor items. This will assist you to create a subtle interior design. You can also use the colour as an accent wall colour combined with white.

Marigold color interior
Marigold interior for ADU (Source

Sky Blue and White Summertime Colors

Sky Blue and White Summertime Colors
Sky Blue and White Summer Color (Source Good Housekeeping)

The right way to think of a perfect summertime paint color for your place is to see what colours bring calmness and serenity. One of the best summertime color combinations is sky blue and white. Sky blue, which is the colour of the sky, conveys a sense of serenity. Thus, it will calm you down whenever you get back home on a hot summer day. The colour also translates the tranquility of seawater. This is synonymous with relaxation. Sky blue forms a soft colour scheme, when combined with white design elements.

Coral and Pink

Coral pink is a colour which is connected with warmth and positive energy. It brings a sophisticated interior design appeal. This is a timeless appeal. The colour also has an earthy vibe. Hence it is great for a home with natural interiors like wooden flooring, bamboo design elements and the like. Coral pink also imparts brightness in the interiors. Because of this, it is an ideal choice for the summer season. The earthiness of coral pink also creates a soothing atmosphere. This soothing feeling will help you calm yourself from the summer heat outside.

Coral and pink interior
Coral and pink interior for ADU (Source Decoist)

Royal-ness at Home – Emerald Green

Emerald Green
Emerald Green interior summertime color for ADU (Source

Normally, the summer season is mainly known for lighter shades of paint colours. Therefore, you can experiment with deep colours like emerald green. The green shade brings in a sense of naturalness combined with peace. This will definitely transform your place into a haven of calmness. Green is also directly connected to nature. Due to that, it will let you have a share of the serene nature right inside your small place. Emerald green brings in a fresh and harmonious ambience. Therefore, these shades will surely help you keep off the season’s heat. You can combine emerald green with golden and beige design elements. This enhances the royalty of the emerald green while beige adds subtleness to the color.

Beachy, Sandy Hues

Beachy, Sandy Hues
Beachy, Sandy summertime Hues for ADUs (Source

Summer’s heat will make it a challenge to be on the beach. But, you can bring the beach to your place. You can definitely do this with the right summer color combinations, by bringing the color of beach sand home with a sandy color scheme. Brown, an earthy tone, will echo a tranquil ambience that will help you soothe your mind throughout summer. This color together with other sandy, beachy colors is also timeless. These color combinations will let you create impressionable interiors for your home.

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