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When summer time arrives, it becomes almost essential to have a summer ready home and an ADU ready to beat the heat. If you are thinking of renovating your ADU and looking for some summer paint color ideas for your small space, you can do it in very creative and beautiful ways. Let’s try out these unique cool summer color combinations which will help you cool down your home and enjoy the season.

The Relaxing Turquoise Blue Summertime ADU

Blue summer color ADU interior
Blue summer color ADU interior (Source This Old House)

Turquoise blue imparts joy and tranquility. They are two crucial factors for a post pandemic world. This shade has the ability to bring the calmness of the ocean for an easy, peaceful feeling. The color is bright and happy. Because of that, it is ideal as a cool summer color. Turquoise blue also brings a sense of creativity. Due to this reason, it can be used in the corners where you require inspiration and motivation. Turquoise goes mostly with white.

Muted Grey 

Gray bedroom interior
Gray interior for ADU (Source color-Maxable)

Grey is considered as a modern-day white color. It is sleek and modern in its appeal. It is also a neutral color. Because it carries lightness with it, this is particularly ideal for the summer season. Grey is talked about as a serious and mature color. On the other hand, when it is used in the right shade, it can be a light color choice for your ADU interiors. Grey helps cool down the overwhelming summer heat very well.

A Pale Peach Cool Summer

Peach is considered as a colour which brings out optimism and calmness. Hence it is the perfect summertime paint colour choice for your ADU. The colour has a raw and natural earthiness. This will bring an easy-going, soothing vibe to the place. It is soft on the eyes and perfect.

Pale peach color ADU interior
Pale peach interior for ADUs (Source Dezeen)

A Greyish Blue Paint Color

Grayish blue summer color interior
Grayish blue paint ADU kitchen interior (Source

Grey and blue summer colour combinations create an incredibly soothing atmosphere. Both these colours together create calmness. They can bring in inspiring serenity to your small space. Grey is a colour that imparts balance and harmony. On the other hand, soft blue adds tranquility and coolness. When both these colours come together, they create subtle and soothing interiors that are ideal for hot summer days.

White is obviously a Classic Cool Summer Colour

White ADU interior
White ADU interior (Source

One of the most universally loved cool summer colours is white. It brings a pristine and clean look. This makes any place prettier. White is also a colour that makes places look spacious and airy. This is an essential aspect for hot summer season.  At the same time, white calms you down and lets you feel liberated. Therefore, white is a good choice.

However, frosty white can also be a bit too cold for your ADU. It is best used with accent wall colours to add warmth and homely feeling to your all-white summertime paint colour scheme.

The Cool Summer Color, Beige

Beige summer color ADU interior
Beige summer color ADU interior (Source Pinterest)

Beige is an excellent choice, especially for summertime. The colour adds a sophisticated appeal. It creates a cool and calm ambience in the interiors. Beige is a simple but modern interior colour that can transform any place instantly. During summer, beige paint colour can create a much-needed soothing vibe around the small space. Any shade of colour can be chosen for the season.

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