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Bed ideas for a small room that are Space-saving is very important if you are trying to place a bed inside your ADU’s bedroom.

Lack of space is often an issue when you are trying to arrange a small bedroom. Other than space-saving furniture, there are lots of visual tricks and decorating techniques you can utilize in order to make a small bedroom appear big. 

When you want to open up the room you can use vertical space, with wall-hung furniture and sleeper bunks. These will leave floor space feeling less crowded too. Decorating with paler colors and light-reflective surfaces will create a lighter, brighter mood. This will help enlarge a space visually.

A Daybed

Day bed
Day time bed (Source

The most practical solution for small room bed ideas is to invest in a daybed or sleeper sofa if you don’t require a permanent bed set-up. A pull-out bed will offer a temporary sleep space for guests. Then the room can function for its original purpose or be used for various purposes during the day.

It’s important to think about the amount of floor space you have before buying a daybed. This is essential especially in a small bedroom where floor space can be limited. 

The Bed as an Island

Room bed as an Island
Room bed as an Island (Source

Positioning the bed is very important if the bed is to be a permanent fixture in the ADU. The room layout will often dictate the best position. At the same time, centering a double bed at the middle point of the longest wall is the most obvious choice. This can help give a bedroom a focal point. 

A technique that can work in a small bedroom is positioning the bed in the middle of the bedroom. This will create an ‘island’ effect. It makes getting in and out of the bed easier and can give the bedroom a better sense of flow since there are no walls. Having an extra-large headboard can provide built-in night stands and lighting. This can act as a partition to separate the bed from closets and the dressing area.

Stretch the Space in a twin bedroom

twin bedroom
Twin beds in an ADU (Source

Coming up with stylish ways to add beauty to your ADU can be tricky. This is especially when lack of space is an issue. Separate single beds tend to take up more floor space than a double bed. At the same time, there are plenty of visual tricks you can use to make small room bed ideas feel less compromised.

Twin beds
Twin bedroom (Source

In a small bedroom, using a dark color on the longest wall gives the room focus and adds a sense of space. Without using separate headboards for twin beds, a single continuous headboard for both creates a more seamless look which stretches the space. We tend to lean towards quieter palette combinations.  On the other hand, darker shades can work really well within smaller spaces since they create a perception of depth and lend a cozy, cocoon- like feel.

A Custom made Bed

Custom beds
Custom made bed designs (Source

If bedroom space is super-tight, then building a bed to fit is a clever way of fully utilizing the space. The end result can be a really cozy bedroom. A custom-made cabin bed is a neat solution. On the other hand, building a bed in situ can be easier than trying to fit in a large bed into a small space.

A cabin bed will provide extra under-bed storage space, which will be useful in the long run. When you design your bed, you can add shelves above or to the side of the bed.

When the ceiling is painted with the same color as the walls, it gives the feeling of a cocoon. The space will look bigger too because the ceiling and the walls can’t be separately seen.

Curtaining of the Bed Area

Bed certain
Certain in the bed area (Source

Keeping the bed against one wall is sometimes the only option in a small room or box bedroom. Sometimes it can throw the room off-balance. Curtaining the area off makes a stylish way of framing the bed. This on the other hand, creates a faux four-poster effect, which is a charming small room bed idea.

Hidden shelving can be slotted in above the headboard. It will give a neat look and gives storage space for bedside essentials.

Squeeze a Bed into a Nook

Nook design
Bed nook (Source Sebring Design Build)

Awkward nooks and crannies can be a bit hard to decorate around. But instead of trying to conceal or camouflage, you can consider using a joyful pattern or vibrant color combination. That will draw attention to the area. 

The perfect spot for a built-in cabin bed in a small room is a tight space under a sloped ceiling. You can add decorative wallpaper, colorful linens and bright scatter cushions. They will create a welcoming spot and gives the whole room a cheery focal point. 

The colors used in the fabric, cushions, wallpaper and furniture subtly echo each other to give a sense of structure to the space.

An Easy-up Headboard

Room bed headboard
Room bed headboard for an ADU (Source Emily Henderson)

A full-sized headboard can eat up visual square footage. Therefore, you can consider a space-saving alternative that works perfectly for either a double bed or two standard singles.

You can simply fix a wooden or metal curtain pole above your bed. Then you can hang a pair of tie-top cushions suspended from the pole. 

You can try positioning cushions at a suitable height so that they can act as a back support when sitting up in bed to read. By opting for a bold pattern, teamed with plain bedding, you can create a focal point.

You can try designing the bed with a shelf or a cupboard instead of a headboard. These will give you storage space too.

Space-saving Sleeper Bunks

bunk room beds
Space saving bunks (By decoist)

When you are stuck with limited space, think vertically and maximize your sleep space by considering bunk bed ideas. Sleeper-style bunks can be slotted neatly in against a wall and are a fun idea for children’s rooms since they take up less floor space than separate single beds.

You can take it to the next level by swapping a standard double bunk bed for a triple bunk.

Bridge a Gap

flexible beds
Space saving bed design (Source

Finding space for bedroom furniture can be challenging in a small bedroom. If a spare bedroom is seldom-used for guests, using the space for storage in-between visits is a sensible option. It will give space for storing out-of-season clothes, bedding and bulky items like ski wear or wet suits.

Utilize awkward alcoves in a spare room by having custom-made wardrobes built-in to the space. You can position a bed centrally to bridge the gap between wardrobes. Incorporate bedside lighting into the design. The cabling can be neatly concealed. Consider adding an additional over-bed shelf if extra storage is needed.

Double up in a dressing room

Double up in a dressing room
Double up in a dressing room (Source

To free up space in your small bedroom, you can have a separate dressing room.  If a spare bedroom is seldom-used for sleepovers, you can compromise by converting the space into a combined guest room and dressing area.

An excellent choice will be a walk-in closet idea. It will give plenty of hanging space and drawer storage for clothes, shoes and accessories, with mirrored doors instead of a floor-standing mirror. You can squeeze in a single or a double bed at the end of run of closets, where there will be enough floor space. Alternatively, consider installing a drop-down wall bed. This can be concealed in a faux wardrobe when not in use or pulled out when the bed is required.

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