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Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

bathroom design
bathroom design to make it look bigger (Source

Small bathrooms have their own set of challenges. These small bathrooms can sometimes lack storage. Sometimes their flow doesn’t accommodate your family’s needs. But you don’t have to give up on your space just because it’s compact.

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The best plan of attack is:-

  • to reimagine the room,
  • bring in elements that celebrate its minute size
  • work with its limitations.
bright interior
Bright interior bathroom (Source

The main point you need to remember is that you don’t need to remodel a small bathroom in order to get the spa space of your dreams. You just have to rethink the bathroom’s basics.

Pick products sized for your space

small bathroom
Small bathroom small accessories (Source

If your knees hit the cabinets when you’re on the throne, it means that maybe the toilet and cabinets are too big for the space. Installing incorrectly sized toilets, sinks and tubs in a small space can make it hard for you. You can consider getting a toilet with a round bowl instead of an elongated one or go for a mounted, wall-hung bowl. Round bowls tend to be smaller. Wall-mounted toilets feel like less of a space waster because of the open floor underneath.

Install a floating vanity

floating vanity
Floating vanity for your small Bathroom (Source

Create a trompe-l’oeil effect to make the footprint of your bathroom feel larger. Save some serious space beneath your sink. This can be done with a floating vanity. When your floor space extends all the way to the wall under the cabinet, you will be rewarded with more space and also, openness.

Get rid of the bathtub

small bathroom design
Small shower for a small bathroom design (Source Ideal Home)

When you have young children, a tub is nonnegotiable. If there are only adults, a full tub may be taking up valuable space. To make a small bathroom function like a larger one, reclaim some open space by installing a shower that’s properly sized for the room. You can opt for a barrier-free shower/one with glass shower doors. When there are no visible walls it will immediately make the space feel more open. Opaque curtains can feel wall-like. Adding walls is the last thing you want to do in a small loo.

Add a wall-mounted medicine cabinet

Wall mounted cabinet
Wall mounted cabinet for a small bathroom (Source

Medicine cabinets provide extra storage for small items. This is a great option for narrow bathroom storage. You’ll keep your precious counter space free. It will be clear of personal items that could crowd the area and make it feel cluttered and small.

Add hooks for additional storage in your small bathroom

Bathroom storage
Small Bathroom storage (Source

If your bathroom is so small, adding towel racks presents a problem. Therefore, you can install hooks. One for every person in your home should suffice since multiple items—towels, clothes, bathrobes—can fit on one.

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