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According to a recent study by Rated People, since the start of the pandemic, 55 per cent of the workforce had no choice but to work from home. In addition, 15 per cent admitted that they used their bedroom as a makeshift office space, thus introducing the stresses of daily life into what should be a sanctuary

Bedrooms are centered around individual tastes, coupled with more intimate, ergonomic designs. Unlike the rest of the home where interior design is crafted with large families, visitors, or gatherings in mind, a bedroom caters to one or a couple of people. Therefore, it should be a sanctuary, a place to rest and recuperate.

Let’s look at the top five interior trends for the bedroom in 2021.

1. Nature inside your bedroom – Go Natural!!

natural materials in bedroom
Using natural building materials in bedroom (By ROMANEK DESIGN STUDIO)

People started to look for rattan, wooden, and wicker furniture more during lockdown. Homeowners sought to introduce natural materials into their homes during prolonged periods indoors. Being at one with nature obviously brings peace to your mind. By incorporating natural elements into our bedrooms, it creates a sense of freedom, Colors like sage greens and opulent olives when paired with white toned walls and wicker materials, create a more calming environment. The introduction of wooden floors is another huge change which goes hand in hand with this natural trend.

2. Minimalistic Effects – Keep it simple!!!

simple bedroom
simple bedroom (By themerrythought)

The Marie Kondo effect, which talks about keeping only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy, is still with us. It promotes tidying up and a refocus of our environments with the intention to reduce stress levels. Without a doubt, it is a response to the chaos and uncertainty of the pandemic. The phrase “less is more” is the new fashion in 2021. It helps to generate a calmer, neutralized environment. Straight lines, soft colors and Scandinavian minimalist line art, when blended with natural light create a refreshing, simple and timeless feel.

3. Light living – Let the light lighten you up

Bedroom lights
Bedroom lights (By istockimages)

An abundance of light in a room creates a breathable, spacious environment, and entirely uplifts the surrounding. A light, airy space boosts productivity levels in addition to general wellbeing.

Bedroom windows – lightinh (By designcafe)

The right window dressing is a key component in making the most of the natural light in your home. Roller blinds in a sheer or semi-sheer fabric can filter and diffuse light throughout a room. At the same time, they take the edge off direct sunlight. On the other hand, voile curtains create a light and breezy feel with the added benefit of providing a level of daytime privacy. Wooden shutters are a functional solution to controlling natural light. They provide you with the total freedom over the amount of light you wish to let in.

4. Bed frames– Let it talk for you, to you

Bed frame
Bed frame (By nilkamalfurniture)

The bed frame and headboard are the central point of any bedroom. Therefore, it is important you pick one that will go with the current décor as well as any potential changes in the future. There are various styles of bed frames on the market. It allows individuals to bring in different components of their character into a bedroom space. These vary from customizable modular frames to under bed storage and canopy frames, from which curtains and lights can be draped. The available options are endless.

5. Charismatic Colors – Colors of your life

charismatic Colors
charismatic Colors (By Lupus, L.)

2021 has seen striking shades such as navy making a splash in the bedroom, whilst neutral tones still remaining popular with homeowners. The bedroom is a great space to experiment with colors and feature walls, pairing calming shades that promote restful sleep with an area of interest.

Statement walls with a burst of color, split up the space and provide a sophisticated charm to any bedroom.

A bedroom is the only private space in your home. So, let your imagination grow. Let your individuality speak out freely inside those four walls….

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