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If you have ever dreamt of a rustic retreat, you can check out these Rustic barn-style houses that will inspire you. You will consider heading back to the country pitched ceilings, rustic beams and exposed wood. These are the hallmarks of a barn-style house.

Today’s barn homes incorporate such traditional elements. At the same time, they also add modern touches, like a monochromatic white palette or sleek fixtures. Sometimes, the designers tend to add otherwise contemporary spaces such as repurposed barn doors, for a rustic-chic feel. If you aren’t already living in the countryside, these rustic barn-style houses just might persuade you to pack up and go back.

A White-Washed Pool House

White-Washed Pool House
White-Washed Pool House (Source

The total interior in this beautiful rustic barn house is white. It has created a peaceful yet modern barn style design. The home looks spacious because of the color the designer has used. Sometimes, a barn serves as the pool-house. In such cases, white is a great investment.   

Rustic barn-style white interior
Rustic barn-style white interior (Source

An Airy Dining Room

Airy rustic dining room
Airy rustic dining room (Source

The double-height formal dining area, also in a former barn, can be furnished with antique chairs. Moreover, these can be cushioned to match the surrounding. The height can be magnified by using open windows. In other instances, contrasting color combinations can be used for the furniture to give a spacious feeling.

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Spacious dining interior
Spacious dining interior (Source

A Restored Space for Entertaining in Rustic Barn Houses

Restored Space for Entertaining
Restored Space for Entertaining (Source

You can create an entertainment area inside rustic barn houses without disturbing it’s rustic appearance. However, if you love to feel the connection with nature, you can create this as an open area as well.

Rustic barn-style home entrance
Rustic barn-style home entrance (Source

A Modern Barn

Modern barn
Modern barn style home (Source

Along with her vintage pieces, the Barn-Style house consists of more modern embellishments. These include crisp white walls, high ceilings, and a smart black exterior. Moreover, the contrast between old and new is what gives the space its unique style.

A Contemporary Living Space

Contemporary Living Space
Contemporary Living Space (Source

A contemporary living space with chiseled limestone creates a comfortable setting. When you add ceiling to floor windows, they can keep you well connected to the outdoors.

Contemporary rustic barn-style living space
Contemporary rustic barn-style living space (Source

A Clever Barn Conversion

barn conversions
barn conversion (Source

We can say that the most significant part of rustic style is the raw organic materials utilized in architecture and décor alike. The simpler it is to locate when more natural these elements seem to be. Moreover, you can keep up a cohesive contemporary rustic style throughout the whole space. 

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