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Now you’re convinced. Going solar for your home is the way to go! Now phase two can commence – the information phase. Installing residential solar systems requires an initial investment that might pinch your wallet a bit. There is, therefore, no room for stumbling blocks down the road. Be clued up on some of the possible residential solar mistakes that people commonly make so that you can stand tall when investing in a life-long residential solar system!

“Don’t worry honey! Now with solar, we can watch the money roll in…” – Having unrealistic expectations is a big NO!

I get that not all of us are good with numbers. But before you say yes to a residential solar installation project you have understood the financials of the system. There is a significant investment that goes along with the Photovoltaic panels, the interconnecting systems, the materials, labor, permits, etc. But just because it is up and running, that doesn’t mean that it will show instant funds. Taking your system and your energy consumption into account – it might be a few years until you start to reap the financial benefits.

As Bill Withers famously sang:    Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone,

And she’s always gone too long,

Anytime she’s going away…

Bill might have been referring to his love here, but this also applies to the sun. We know we can harness power from the sun and at what panel inclination – yet the sun’s optimum presence is unpredictable. The harnessing capacity of your system will vary with the seasons and the clouds. All this unpredictability is certain, and your payback period will behave accordingly. Don’t be afraid – going solar is always the best option, however, always have patience and a clear understanding going forward.

Remember – the lowest price is not always the right price.

As Aldo Gucci quoted: “The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.” The lesson here is finding the best balance of quality and cost. The solution here is – do your homework! As with all good investments, one should always be wary when purchasing cheaper costing solar panels. They might keep your bank balance afloat for the time being – but they might cause additional costs in the future. Why? When lower quality components get damaged, faulty inverters or the system doesn’t work as efficiently as promised – then it’ll be too late.

We’re not advocating for overpriced residential solar panels and batteries. Firstly, approach professionals and trustworthy, residential solar installers. Their professional advice is key:

  • What is the required solar cell capacity for my household?
  • The trusted brands in photovoltaic panels
  • Does my roof need extra support?

Not everything that glitters is gold. Beware of rogue residential solar installers!

The internet is home to millions of residential solar advertisements and companies and product reviews and panel prices and brands and…and…and…Yes! This information overload leaves us vulnerable and overwhelmed. Don’t fall victim to bad solar companies.

Research is key. Heed the following tips to get you started on your search:

Weighing out your options – get multiple quotes.

Persevere in your search for the best deal and best residential solar provider. Businesses value their clients and the service rendered, but most aren’t afraid to milk it when they can. Each solar installer will provide varying estimates. Scrutinize their itemized billing to increase your understanding as well.

Leaving potential roof issues for later – not a good idea

We sweep our houses every day, do our dusting and carry on. The roof overheads – despite their essentiality – don’t get that much attention (until we feel raindrops on our heads during a storm). If your roof is nearing its design lifespan, it might be best to renew or upgrade it now, rather than after installing solar systems. Your roof might pass the inspection for immediate use today, but if repair is imminent, it is best to do so now.

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