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We tend to put a lot of emphasis on the living area and neglect the bathroom area while designing our home interiors. When we consider bathroom interiors, the interior designers have taken various new paths. From being just a utilitarian area, people building new houses or renovating their old houses now want to make their bathroom a luxurious stopover.

Given the confined layouts of urban apartments, it is essential that we go for functional designs. Then, we have ample floor space for a relaxing bath time. Let’s surf through some latest bathroom trends of 2022 that are functional and will match your home interiors, irrespective of the space constraints.

1. Soothing yet Elegant – Mood-Lifting Blush Pink

Blush Pink bathroom
Mood-Lifting Blush Pink bathroom (designcafe)

 If you are looking for a refreshing vibe to your home, this is the ideal color and design. An extra jazz is added through the marble tiles the designer has used. It has created a contrast against the pink walls. The wet area is inserted into the glass cabinet, which separates the wet area and helps keep your bathroom clean and dry. If you are looking for some of the latest bathroom trends that will make your space look bright and roomy, this design is excellent for you.

2.     Soothing and Tranquil – An Area to Ease Your Mind

Pastel colors are trending this year. The tranquil and soothing vibe these colors lend to the bathroom cannot be ignored. Try and select white tiles and white fittings to make your shower area look spacious and vibrant. You can add a floating vanity unit and a backlit mirror. This will help you arrange all your essentials neatly and yet not take away any floor space.

Tranquil bathroom
Soothing and Tranquil bathroom (designcafe)

Floating units are becoming a trend this year. This is especially with small apartments and homes, where space is a very important need. Adding some floating shelves on the walls to neatly arrange your soap dispensers and other self-care products will help you to save more space.

3.     Playing with vibrant and stylish colors – Trendy Bathrooms

When you are young and energetic and love experimenting with the colors of life, you can do it with the color selections of your bath area too. After a dull, hectic days work, these vibrant environment is sure to add some color to your life. It will definitely change your mood and make you feel active and happy.

Trendy Bathrooms
Trendy Bathrooms (designcafe)

As an example, this trendy bathroom is excellent for urban couples who love experimenting with their home interiors. The grey and orange color combination brings in a bold and edgy look. The tinted glass cabin lends a smooth look to the entire space. The chest of drawers on the vanity unit provides ample storage space and helps keep your bathroom neat and tidy. The two pendant lights illuminate the space. They also compensate for the dark wall color.

We can go for various other options depending on your taste as well as your mood.

4.     Twining Ideas – Double Vanity Units

Double Vanity Units
Double Vanity Units (designcafe)

If luxurious bathroom interiors are what you search for, then this trending bathroom design is the ideal one for you. The bathtub helps you relax and rejuvenate yourself. Consequently, the double vanity unit will heighten and improve the functionality of your space. The color palette is chosen carefully to blend with the soothing interiors and help you enjoy your shower time in peace. The tall double mirrors reflect light beautifully. The mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space.

The double vanity units definitely will assist you to save space while adding a classy look to your interior. Especially with mirrors, the look is more elegant.

5.     Bring Life into Your Bathroom – Add Green

Green bathroom
Green bathroom (designcafe)

Biophilic design is another trending concept in interior design. You can strengthen your connection with the environment by infusing some greenery into your home. The moss backsplash brings in a fresh vibe to the space. It definitely is  going to catch the attention of your guests. A slightly darker color for your walls will highlight the green backsplash. You can also add some LED strip lights to add more action. Wooden flooring in the shower area and some potted plants will help stitch the natural look together.

Make the most out of the limited space you have. It can be your living area, bedroom area or even the bathroom. Imagination and a creative eye can make wonders.

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