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We all want our homes to be elegant and beautiful. Some decor trends, color trends and designs come and go. But if we consider pastels, they are no passing trend. Pastel shades have been used in kitchens for years. With a lovely twist on the standard white kitchen, pale and subtle colors are a gorgeous way to brighten up a space while maintaining a neutral palette. 

These candy-colored designs are the perfect way to bring a little bit of warmth into your kitchen. From pale blues to soft pinks, from mint green to purple shades, the pastels have come a long way from your grandparent’s kitchen. 

1.    Go Bold with Color

Bold pastel shades for kitchen
Bold pastel shades for kitchen (By Ideal Home)

This first kitchen design has used hints of different colors and has brought out a bright blue to make it eye catching. It is one of the most fun kitchens we’ve seen. It is the same with the other kitchen design, where the designer is using uneven shades of turquoise blue to bring out a bold yet an elegant look to the space. The bold colors work well together and add a fun, festive feel to the large space.

2. Add a Hint of Pink

Pink kitchen
Pink kitchen interior decoration (By Roohome)

Pink was a rare choice for a kitchen in the yesteryears. But this simple refresh uses a soft, subtle, pink hue to give the rest of the kitchen a modern feel. Even without a full renovation, adding a pop of trendy color can create the illusion of a fully updated kitchen. You can add a few pastel ​appliances, and you won’t miss your contractor.

3.    Embrace Mint

Mint kitchen interior
Mint kitchen interior (By Dezeen)

This cheery mint green kitchen can add the perfect splash of color. By only painting the top and bottom cabinets, the kitchen doesn’t feel overly childlike, but rather maintains a contemporary, adult feel. The white brick designed walls in between can really tie the whole look together.

4.    Touch of Marble

marble kitchen
Marble kitchen interior (By Multi Trade Building Services)

Marble accents used in the kitchen definitely add elegance and beauty to your kitchen space. This kitchen incorporates two of our favorite trends of the moment: pure white marble and black accents, which intensify the appearance in a very positive way. The kitchen automatically has a tidy yet sophisticated look all around.

5.    Pastels and Texture

Pastel shades
Pastel shades and texture (By Nohat)

This adorable kitchen has adorable mint green cabinets. We can’t get over how much we love that pastel diamond patterned flooring. Painting your floor is a great way to camouflage worn-out materials. In addition, it gives your space an update without calling in a professional. If you want to go bold with patterns, stick to pale, subtle colors so you don’t overwhelm. 

A Cheery Yellow

Cheery Yellow pestle shades
Cheery Yellow pestle shade kitchen interior (By Kitchn)

A bright yellow kitchen can boost your mood more than most of the other colors. This adorable little space simply makes us feel happy inside. If your kitchen is low on natural light, adding several brush strokes of yellow will make it feel instantly brighter.

6.    Lilac Cabinets

Lilac pestle shade Cabinets
Lilac pestle shade Cabinets kitchen interior (By Houszed)

There’s just something soothing about pale purple as well as bright purple. This modern kitchen is mellow but eye-catching with the bright sparks that the purple cabinets give out. The dull purple rug, together with the bright shaded cabinets, amidst a white background generates an elegant and a sophisticated appearance. The lilac paint keeps the space from becoming stuffy or uninviting. 

7.    A Candy-Inspired Kitchen

Candy-inspired kitchen interior
Candy-inspired kitchen interior (By Ideal Home)

These adorable light shades used in this kitchen make us think of cotton candy in the best way. It’s such a happy, inviting space, and the comparatively small furniture makes it feel even airier and fresher.

8.    Go Retro

Retro kitchen interior
Retro kitchen interior (By August Interiors)

These two kitchen designs have a retro feel, but are subtle enough not to feel tasteless and cheap. Pale colors are perfect for brightening up a space, especially when natural light is at a premium. When you have limited space in your kitchen, you have even more freedom to experiment with bold choices.

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9.    The New Black and White

black and white kitchen
black and white kitchen interior (By home-designing)

Black and white is a classic combination. There is no argument about it. But, with an imagination a bit wild, and a creative mind, you can offer a fun twist to the old combinations. The black-painted brick is chic and classic, and the bright pink lower cabinets keep the kitchen from feeling too dark.

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