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Who doesn’t want to come home at the end of a long day to a place where they can unwind in peace and serenity? Everyone requires a quiet place to sleep, whether it’s their own private bedroom, a guest room, or a baby’s room. One of the best (and cheapest!) ways to give your bedrooms a new look is by painting the walls with different bedroom interior colors.

1.      Khaki Green walls

Khaki Green walls
Khaki Green walls as bedroom interior colors (Source VN THING)

Heidi Caillier designed this cabin. She chose a soothing, nature-inspired shade of green to paint the guest bedroom. It goes well with the space and ties together all the accent colors used in the room to make a nice whole.

2.      Deep Earthy Green

Deep Earthy green bedroom interior colors (Source Essential Home)

In the bedroom of his New York City apartment, David Frazier went for a gloomy, earthy look. The texture-rich finish on the walls and the color (Studio Green by Farrow & Ball) are what really set it apart. When they have painted the walls with a satin finish, it brought out the texture of the plaster in a way that a flat paint job never could.

3.      Try Matte Marine

Matte Marine bedroom color (Source Pinterest

Another great choice is to use a matte version of the moody marine shade to create a more subdued atmosphere. The ceiling was also given a coat of paint by Studio Shamshir to make it harmonize with the rest of the room.

4.      Steel Blue

Steel Blue for bedroom interior (Source Pinterest

This room was designed by Elizabeth Cooper. The steel blue gray paint color she chose for the room was a nice contrast to the more fanciful flower accents. Because the color goes with so many different styles, it’s easy to update bedding and other home furnishings over time without having to replace them.

5.      Mint Green

Mint green bedroom color (Source BCulinary Lab.)

This bedroom, designed by J. P. Horton, is perfect for anyone’s idealized summer retreat because of the retro-style crocheted coverlet and slightly pistachio-hued upholstered headboard. The classic landscape painting and wood accent chair give the room a sense of history and balance out the fresh mint green walls.

6.      Sky Blue

Sky blue interior bedroom colors (source VN THING)

This particular blue makes a strong statement. However, because it is uniform, it doesn’t take over the room or the viewer’s attention. The light blue color scheme in the bedroom makes it feel both cohesive and unique. If you’re set on a particular bedroom interior color and don’t plan to change your mind any time soon. Just go for it!

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