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Do you know? Wise selections with a good taste plus a small investment can increase your home’s value of your home by up to 15 per cent, according to real estate experts. Getting a home ready to put on the market for sale can make you feel tired. It might seem like an overwhelming task. But with the right furnishing and a small investment, you have the capability to increase the value of offers it attracts by up to 15 per cent, says a home stager. 

According to experts, bringing in well-chosen paintings, photographs, murals and other artworks to show off a home is a brilliant idea. It instantly increases the sale ability of your home. Moreover, it will give the buyers and instant feeling of homeliness. Moreover, it will make your home stand out.   

Art and paintings of up and coming artists can increase your home’s value more, rather than using paintings that have been around for decades, says some experts.

However, it is always advised to avoid art that’s too intimidating or niche. The appeal should be broadly aesthetic. Art that focuses too heavily on a niche interest or style is going to be much more of an interference to the eyes of an outsider.


beautiful gallery wall
beautiful gallery wall

You can create a beautiful gallery wall using your Living rooms and entranceways. Moreover, they create depth adding up to the architectural shape of a property. Several paintings, when they are properly used, can extend the room’s dimensions. However, situated above a stylish sofa, or defining a structural staircase, no matter where it is, using art to shape a space is always a great move.



The best way to create a feeling of calmness in your bedroom is to select something soulful and serene. Moreover, soft washy abstracts in blues or greens work well against white or natural-colored bed linen. Other than that, tranquil landscapes can do wonders.

You should always remember that luxury ‘hotel-style’ touches impress buyers. In contrast, ‘aggressive’ colors such as reds and oranges might distract your buyer as they exude too much energy.


dining room
dining room (By

It is accepted that in a dining room you can feel confident to go bigger and bolder. Furthermore, the more interesting the better it would be. Interesting art can be a conversation starter. Therefore, you have the chance to make your buyers imagine entertaining their guests. 

Experiential and multimedia works will definitely stand out in such a space. In addition, you can also use sculptural centre-pieces to decorate the table.



If you need to make small living spaces such as home offices to look and feel more fascinating to potential buyers, then you should bring workspaces and shelving units to life with miniature studies, prints and intriguing photographs.

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These are some simple but very effective tips from experts in order to make your home more appealing to any buyer interested in owning a home rich and elegant with a very homely atmosphere.

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