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Serene elegance in Manhattan Apartment
Serene elegance in Manhattan Apartment (Source Pinterest)

When we consider new trends in the coming months, there will be so many come backs. If considering furniture design trends, look for curves, texture, and comfort. You’ll be experiencing lots of curved chairs, sofas with gently sloping arms, and round poufs in velvet, linen, and nubby boucle fabrics.

We’ll also see a return of black accent pieces in addition to natural wood tones and vintage pieces. Marble furniture and accents will also be popular.

Black accent walls
Black accent walls (Source Pinterest)
Cottage style living
Cottage style living (Source Pinterest)

New Trends – Curve Appeal

Stephenson Write (Source

The coming months will bring out a lot of rounded furniture, including curved backs on chairs, sloped arms on sofas, rounded waterfall corners on desks and consoles, drum tables and ottomans, as well as curved accent pieces.

On the other hand, the new trends are more closer to boho style spaces. However, curves and arches can be a stylish and elegant addition to any style of home.

Boho Modern Chic
Boho Modern Chic (Source issuu)

Whether you love or hate this trend, curves do add instant personality to a space. At the same time, it creates a sense of softness and femininity.

What's behind door number one?
What’s behind door number one? (Source Pinterest)

Additionally, lots of curved architectural elements will come into limelight in the home. These will include arched doorways, curved bar designs and curved kitchen island countertops.

Spectacular kitchen island ideas (Source Pinterest)

Luxury – in Small Doses

Modern Laundry rooms that will make laundry more fun
Modern Laundry rooms that will make laundry more fun (Source Design Milk)
Awesome-Kid-Room-Interior-Design (Source Design Trends)

New decor trends will see luxurious makeovers to some of the the least-expected spots in the home. For example, luxury laundry rooms, closets, kids’ bedrooms, basements and even garages! This trend is elevating often-ignored spaces within the home. In addition, you can try to add luxury to spaces like the powder room, home office, and entryway.

Beautiful-Modern-Foyer-Designs-That-Will-Welcome-You-Home (Source Architecture Art Design)
Fashionable Bathrooms (Source Pinterest)

New Trends – Restorative Spaces

Restoration Hardware styled modern home
Restoration Hardware styled modern home (Source Pinterest)

As a new trend, the sensory experiences of our homes will become more important than ever in the coming months. Most people want to make their home feel like a retreat. As a result, they update their homes. Hence, they’re taking into account things like lighting, sound, and tactility, designing spaces to encourage restoration and relaxation.

Cozy home fall tour
Cozy home fall tour (Source Pinterest)

You can easily create restorative spaces in your home, This can be accomplished by incorporating cozy furniture, soft throw blankets, ambient lighting, and color palettes. Thus, these will create the mood you’re going for.

classic blue sofa with pillows and wooden table on carpet in living room at home
classic blue sofa with pillows and wooden table on carpet in living room at home (Source Coldwell Banker)
Farmhouse Dining
Farmhouse Dining (Source Pinterest)

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