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Amazon has shown fresh architectural design elements for its second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. This was inspired by input from the local community. NBBJ, a worldwide architecture company, built this amazing 2.8 million-square-foot HQ2. Amazon worked hard to establish a green and sustainable environment with a combination of architecture and ecological components. This aims benefit both its employees and the community.

The PenPlace will include a heating and cooling system that is entirely powered by renewable energy. Moreover, The PenPlace’s core of the three office towers represents its namesake. The Helix connects groomed gardens and natural flora.
Furthermore, PenPlace will have street-facing restaurant options, dog parks, daycare facilities, and other amenities. The PenPlace project began in 2020 and is expected to be completed in 2025. 

Amazon wants to generate over 25,000 employment opportunities in the southern city over the next decade with a 2.5 billion dollar investment. They stated that as the public health situation improves, they would continue to find value in bringing their employees together in an actual place to exchange ideas. Moreover, in 2018, Amazon chose Arlington for its second headquarters (HQ2).

Increased collaboration through ‘Project HQ2’

Figure 1: Amazon HQ2 Connectivity (architecturaldigest, 2021)

Amazon’s ambition was to interact more with the community rather than to build a campus only for Amazon employees. They want to link PenPlace to the surrounding region to create a more open community.

Amazon made it simpler for pedestrians to travel freely across the PenPlace facility based on direct community input. They also safeguarded bike lanes to ensure that PenPlace connects to the full local bike transportation scheme. All of these positive decisions will help to strengthen the bond with society.

Green and sustainable architectural design

Sustainability, as a fundamental component of HQ2, seeks to accomplish a wide range of activities.

  1. to reduce embodied carbon by 10% when compared to standard building procedures.
  2. 30% energy savings compared to the American Society of Heating.
  3. Air-Conditioning Engineers’ baseline, with electrified building systems driven by 100 % renewable energy.
  4. Use of low-flow faucets and recovered water results in a % decrease in water usage above national limits.

Moreover, As an initiative to initiative to be net-zero carbon by 2040, these tasks contribute to Amazon’s Climate Pledge.

Find more about green and sustainable building architectures here:

The unique architecture of Amazon HQ2

As a result of community feedback, all three PenPlace office buildings will now have a more unique appearance. This was to boost its originality. As a result, Amazon has decided to give each building a more unique personality by painting the exteriors of the three structures with a distinctive color and texture. They planned this mostly using the surrounding landscape as a guide.
Furthermore, they have increased the usage of solar panels on the rooftops, which have become a part of the building’s skyline.

The Biodome of Amazon

Biodome of Amazon
Figure 2: The Biodome of Amazon (archdaily. 2022)

The City Design Review Board has approved NBBJ’s tri-sphere biodome for Amazon’s headquarters in downtown Seattle. Moreover, this reaches a height of 95 feet and aims to provide a different work atmosphere within the 3.3 million-square-foot office and campus.

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