Mosaic Tile Designs 

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Mosaic tile designs always add unexpected pizzazz to any space at home

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We are used to seeing mosaic tiles in bathrooms. In addition, sometimes we see them in kitchens, where they are used as a backsplash. But the living room or bedroom is the last place where we expect to find them.

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These mosaic tiles add a gradient effect. In addition, they look stunning as well adding glamour to any space.


A living room is not where you’d expect to find mosaic tile designs. In contrast, they work so well here especially with the adjacent exposed brick wall.

As Murals

Mosaic tiles can be used for a mural. On the other hand, when used for a mural they are way more delicate.

In the Bathroom

Blue Moroccan Mosaic Tile Bathroom in Cape Cod

Mosaic tile designs used in the bathroom can add luxury to that space. Furthermore, it can give you a very comfortable feeling.

Shiny Tiles


You can add shine to otherwise dark furniture you have in your home. Moreover, the outstanding effect it provides is overwhelming.

Around the Fire Place

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Mosaic tile designs add a very sharp effect to the fireplace. Therefore, it will give that warm feeling to you.

The Bathroom Wall


Just like using Mosaic tiles to the floor, you can use them to decorate the bathroom wall. Hence it will give that luxurious look and the feel to your bathroom.

Green Mosiac Tile Designs

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Green Mosaic tiles have the ability to uplift the otherwise dull appearance of your kitchen.

Floral Designs

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Floral designs can add beauty. In addition, they will boost your mood as well.


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