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A TV unit, which is a living room staple, comes in a variety of styles. Sleek, modern and space-saving living room wall units are very popular nowadays. Some prefer low-lying closed units to keep things tidy. Some others prefer open shelving systems to display their prized collectables. However, there are a lot of ways a TV unit can be designed. Let’s find out.

1.   Multipurpose TV Wall Unit Designs

A multifunctional TV unit
A multifunctional TV unit (Source

These TV wall units are sleek, innovative and stylish. They are especially designed for someone in need of multipurpose furniture for their living room. These would look great in any home. They are particularly well-suited for compact homes.

2.   TV Wall Unit Designs with Hidden Storage

A TV wall unit with hidden storage compartments (Source

These stunning wall unit designs can easily elevate the style quotient of your home. They can have multiple storage options too. Moreover, closed drawers, open shelves and even a hidden compartment behind the TV can be included in these units. These are excellent modern wall units for your living room if you want extra storage in your home without making it look bulky and cluttered.

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3.   Trendy TV unit Designs

TV wall Unit
Trendy interior design TV unit (Source

If you a fan of dark, moody interiors you can use a light wooden TV wall unit, which will surely catch your eyes. Moreover, you can couple this with black wooden paneling as a backdrop. Furthermore, that will add charm to the entire room’s aesthetics.

Modern TV unit design (Source

The TV can be wall-mounted. Then you have the option to use low-lying cabinets underneath to store small accessories and wires. However, if you need, you can have an overhead floating cabinet with a tall bookcase beside it. Moreover, if the room is a small space, try to match the space available and use only what you really need. You can go for a space-saving TV unit. That will be ideal and a perfect choice for urban homeowners.

4.   Low-Lying TV Unit

Low-Lying TV Unit
Low-Lying TV Unit (Source
TV Wall unit
Simple low-laying TV unit (Source

This simple TV unit is an excellent solution for those who want modern and uncluttered décor. When the unit seats low to the ground, it is easy on the eyes. Moreover, you can use clean white and veneer wooden finish, which will add charm effortlessly. This look can be magnified with the light wooden paneling in the back.

5.   Beautifully Designed Marble Panel for Elegant Wall-Mounted TV Unit

TV wall mounted design
Marble Panel for TV wall Unit (Source
Marble wall background for TV wall unit (Source

This is something you would definitely fall in love with. Moreover, this marble back panel is a stunning, show-stopping piece for homeowners who love chic beauty. You can couple it with a mirror panel. However, it will blend in effortlessly with the marble and makes the living room appear double in size. You have the freedom to pair it with a brown floating shelf and a sleek wall-mounted cabinet.

6.   TV with a Patterned Wallpaper at the back (Scandinavian-Style)

Scandinavian-Style TV Unit (Source

When you say Scandinavian style, it is all about clean lines, minimalism and many white and wooden elements. If you are in love with these, then this TV wall unit design will beautifully bring together all the aspects of Scandinavian style. It has the ability to give this home’s living room a relaxing Nordic vibe. You can use geometric-patterned wallpaper and striking cove lighting as per your interest to elevate the charm of this living room. Moreover, the low-lying cabinets made of veneer-finished laminate can provide ample storage. However, if you decide to add floating shelves on top, you can display books and other decor items in a clutter-free way.

7.   TV Unit with Hidden Storage

TV Unit with Hidden Storage (Source

Such TV unit-cum-cupboards offer multiple storage solutions in one. The TV compartments open to reveal even more storage. Furthermore, this unit would be a good hideout for unpleasant wires and other small items from the living room. However, if you add cove lighting in the unit, it will effectively break the monotony of the entire set up. Moreover, this wall unit is perfect for homeowners who are in need of extra storage.

We hope these stylish and elegant TV wall unit designs for the living room will inspire you to get one for your home.

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