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Modern Roman Houses – Pinterest

“Do as the Romans do”. But you need to take their style into your home in a modern way. The Romans were greatly influenced by the earlier Greek style. At the same time, they added a touch of extravagance and detail to the austere Greek decor. Hence, this matches perfectly with some of our Eichholtz furniture and accessories.

modern roman villa house design – Modern House

Create a Sense of Balance and Proportion


To create a Roman-inspired style in your home,

  • draw on natural materials and colors
  • focus on creating a sense of balance and proportion in your living space.

In Roman homes, you’ll find furniture carved with animal feet or equipped with intricate scrolls and design. On the other hand, the exposed columns closely associate with classic Greek and Roman design. At the same time, they incorporate this in a subtle form by using one of our freestanding decorative columns. Moreover, these are a pedestal to hold a planter or sculpture.

Different types of roofs | Flat roof house, Flat roof house designs – Pinterest

Use Bold Colors and Strong Contrasts


You can add color to the room. Do this with:

  • upholstered furniture
  • painted wall areas
  • floor treatments.

Similarly, Romans liked bold colors such as cobalt blue, vermilion and bright yellow. As a result, strong color contrasts figured prominently in ancient Italian homes. At the same time, they used combinations of black and vermilion.

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