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Kitchen islands are in trend and have even become the primary focal point of kitchen design aesthetics. A modern kitchen island is not limited to just being an aesthetically pleasing interior element. It has become an ideal way to multiply storage and cooking preparation areas. Today, these come in various sizes, designs and attributes. Thus, they are the perfect element for interior personalization. 

1. A Modern Kitchen Island Cum Breakfast Counter with Bookshelf

Breakfast Counter
Breakfast Counter (By Wonder Spaces)

This modern kitchen island is ideal for small kitchen areas. It consists of a multifunctional element. Besides adding a separate preparation counter, it also serves as a small breakfast space. If you have an industrial theme like this one, you will definitely love the wooden top part which has a natural appeal. Since the counter height of these designs are ergonomic, it can also be a great place to work from home! Additionally, this also has an open shelf cabinet beneath. It serves as a bookshelf.

2.    Trendy Modern Kitchen Island Designs with Cooking Counter

Modern Kitchen Island
Modern Kitchen Island (By yashistar.)

This is the best option if you want to have a separate cooking counter. The kitchen island comes with an inbuilt stove. It gives this a seamless appeal. They also has enough space to keep frequently used utensils within reach when cooking. To add up to all that, this design has enough space to serve as a breakfast counter. The front area of it ample amount of leg space, which is ideal for two people to sit and enjoy a quick meal. 

3.    Extended Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Storage Cabinets

Cabinets (By Multi Trade Building Services)

This modern kitchen island design is for those who have a wide and spacious kitchen area. It has a marble top with wooden cabinets beneath to match with the rest of the kitchen’s look,. The marble top design adds an exquisite royal look. It is accentuated by the dark wooden cabinets beneath. The extended these has an inbuilt sink counter, which makes it the perfect place to rinse veggies and utensils. The extended countertop is ideal for at least four family members to sit together and eat. With the extra cabinets, it multiplies the kitchen’s storage. The extended countertop is perfect for houses with more than one chef. 

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4.    Broad Modern Kitchen Island Designs For Work From Home Needs


italian-modern-kitchen By Design Cafe)

This is the ideal ergonomic counter height table to work from home. This modern kitchen island design is perfect as a breakfast cum work from home counter. The tall height of the counter is ideal for sitting upright while working. It also has a broad countertop area for comfortable cooking preparation. It features a white marble top and a black laminate finish for the lower cabinet design. These give it a classic appeal. You can team it up with modern bar stools or raised dining chairs. Then it can be used as a bar counter during house parties. 

5.    A Granite cum Wooden Kitchen Island with an Attached Breakfast Counter

Granite and wooden kitchen
Granite cum Wooden Kitchen (By atlantagranitecreations)


This kitchen island works as an additional cooking preparation area plus a breakfast counter. The preparation area has a black granite top. The breakfast counter has a raised wooden platform ideal for two people. This design idea, which can be placed right at the center of the design, is ideal for a U-shaped kitchen, making it the focal point of the kitchen’s interiors. It also has cabinets beneath. This will multiply the storage option. 

6. A Sleek Modern Kitchen Island

With its flawless white laminate finish, this modern kitchen island design is ideal for sleek and minimalistic interiors. This adds a pristine appeal to the space. This is excellent for cooking or dining together while cooking. It has a broad and wide countertop area. It can easily accommodate four to five family members at the breakfast counter. Team it up with armless, tall chairs to blend with the urban look. 

As a conclusion, modern kitchen islands not only look great but are multifunctional too. They are ideal for additional storage and multiplying the counter area. In small kitchens, they can be a great way to add more storage. On the other hand, in big kitchens, these designs can become an aesthetic twist to break the monotony. Thus, a modern kitchen island is great.

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