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Vaulted bathroom ceiling designs
Vaulted bathroom ceiling designs (Source Design Trends)
Archways and ceilings made easy (Source Pinterest) 

The design potential your ceilings can add to your rooms should not be ignored any longer. Modern Ceiling designs can add an extra level of sophistication to any room. You can use ceiling designs to create a focal point. Similarly, you can add unique character, or simply add unique style. 

Modern Gypsum ceiling designs
Modern Gypsum ceiling designs (source

When creating a room, it is important to consider the layout first. At the same time, you should consider the size of the space as well. Afterwards, you can consider what type of ceiling design is appropriate for that particular area. 

Modern Gypsum ceiling designs
Modern Gypsum ceiling designs (source

Let’s surf through a few ceiling ideas that you can easily incorporate into your home.

Do look up
Do look up (Source weburbanist)

Modern Ceiling Designs – Wooden Beams 

Contemporary room with wooden beams
Contemporary room with wooden beams (Source Pinterest)

Wooden Beams have the capacity to add a natural look to any interior space. It easily adds charm. This architectural feature adds a lot of detail to any modern room. The wood beams can complement the molding on the ceiling and the furniture. 

Cheap wood ceiling beams that look luxurious
Cheap wood ceiling beams that look luxurious (Source
Wood beam ceiling
Wood beam ceiling (Source Home Designing)

Entire Wood Ceiling 

Vaulted wood ceiling
Vaulted wood ceiling (Source Pinterest)

The natural wood ceiling gives the room a rustic feel. This is perfect for someone who loves outdoor living. A large chandelier can be used. This, hanging from the centre of the ceiling, provides plenty of light. 

Modern Ceiling Designs – Tray Ceiling with Wooden Beams

Tray ceiling ideas with beams
Tray ceiling ideas with beams (Source Pinterest)

Wooden beams and a tray ceiling design are there as accents above. The beams add a different color to any neutral space. The tray ceiling also helps to create a separation between two rooms.  

Home (Source Tile Resource and Design)

Coloured Beams

Top coffered ceiling ideas
Top coffered ceiling ideas (Source Interior craze)
Teal Ceiling Beams
Teal Ceiling Beams (Source Home Designing)
Unusual modern home designs
Unusual modern home designs (Source Lushomes)

You can apply a coat of paint of your choice to the beams. Also, you can use wooden beams. You can paint these too. This will create a completely custom look to your room. It’s almost like having an accent wall. But, it will be on your ceiling! 

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