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Backyard ADUs are an efficient, cost-effective, and increasingly popular way in order to add living space and value to your home. You may be considering a backyard ADU for your own home. At the same time, you might be unsure where to begin. So, let these stylish and innovative tiny home examples guide you in the right direction.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior

External ADU
External ADU (Source Straight Line Design & Remodeling)

You can use your imagination and creativity, with expert advice in order to bring out a modern take on traditional barn house architecture. Moreover, the white trellis above the entryway provides ample countryside charm. It provides an opportunity for you to use hanging plants to frame the home’s entrance.

Mid-Century Modern Guest House

Modern Backyard ADUs
Modern Backyard ADUs (Source maxablespace)

With an impeccably decorated tiny home you can offer a relaxing environment to the overnight guests and family members when visiting your city. Furthermore, a loft-style bedroom will allow for an efficient and roomy floor-plan which will include a living room and full kitchen.

Minimalist Backyard ADUs

Minimalist Modern Backyard ADUs
Minimalist Modern Backyard ADUs (Source

This tiny home offers a neutral minimalist exterior. It is paired with warm color tones on the inside. Moreover, there is a tranquil surrounding garden area. This gives this ADU a mindful, Zen-like appeal.

Triangle Family-Sized Home

Triangle Family-Sized Home
Triangle Family-Sized Home (Source

This unique ADU, which is bigger in size, offers a stylish, modern design with a second story. Moreover, this design makes good use of affordable and sustainable materials. It is large enough to fit a family.

Charming Creative Cabin

Backyard cabin
Charming backyard cabin (Source

This has a wood-grain-heavy design. It combines a unique architectural profile with an airy, open floor plan. The outcome is an inviting backyard cabin. Moreover, it can serve as a perfect space for an office or workspace for writers, artists, and other creative individuals.

Two-Story Family Backyard ADUs

Two-Story Family ADU
Two-Story Family ADU (Source

This ADU has an oversized, geometric portico. It gives this loft-style ADU plenty of modern appeal. However, this is an affordable yet stylish solution for growing families in need of additional living space.

Ready to Start Building Your Tiny Home or ADU?

Tiny living is a beautiful idea. Whether you are looking for an income property or permanent housing for yourself or a loved one, we can make it happen. 

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