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Let’s learn the top tricks on how to make a living room look bigger.

Living room
Living room interior design (Source

Your small living room might need to look bigger. The space might be tight or there might be a lack of light that is making it feel compact.  There are sure fire ways to make a living room look bigger, lighter and brighter. This doesn’t only mean by going minimalist and painting everything white.

If you are looking for small living room ideas, from options that include white ceilings, light wood flooring and not having fussy window treatments to clever ways with mirrors, these expert tips will be useful. These ideas and suggestions are purely space-enhancing.


Simple colour scheme
Simple colour scheme for a sitting room (Source

When designing a small room, the primary thing to remember is to ensure all tones stick to the same color palette. This will create a flow throughout the room. Experts emphasize on the importance of creating a cohesive space. When choosing a palette, try to think of the space as ‘one cohesive space’ instead of using different colors and patterns that will divide the room and make it feel smaller.  

simple colours for an interior (Source

Especially in studios, the instinct is often to cut the main room into separate sections. That is in order to create the illusion of a larger room. What you’re actually doing is cluttering up the space and making it appear much smaller. 

You can be free with colors, making a colorful environment. But you need to be sticking to a tonal palette. These can be cool tones like blues and greens or warmer tones like terracotta, beige, and rusts. 

When you keep things within the same palette, the space will feel larger and more cohesive. This in turn will allow it to feel less disjointed. In a smaller space, we usually like to use a matte finish to help hide imperfections in the wall. Such has the tendency to make the dark color feel more visually expansive. 


Colorful yet matching sitting room interior
Colorful yet matching sitting room interior ( Source

Creating a bigger and brighter living room doesn’t mean you have to stay away from using color. A dark shade on your walls will create the opposite feel. If you choose a light warming shade like coral for example it will lift the space. 

coral green interior
coral green interior (Source

Use white on your woodwork and skirting. If you have shutters, that’s good. If not, and you can cope without drapes, you can allow the light to pour in. Instead of investing in dark wood furniture, opt for painted pieces. Rustic wood suits this look really well. 


To make a small living room look bigger, sometimes you might consider freeing our space totally. But, you shouldn’t be creating a sterile scheme with minimalism and all-pale shade. That will automatically create space-enhancing light spaces. You can keep it cozy with sumptuous textures that will not take up space visually. 

Sitting room interior design
Sitting room interior design with different textures (Source aranprime)

Items such as sheepskin rugs, beautiful grained wood pieces, limed floorboards, velvet cushions and oh-so-soft tan leather armchairs will all warm up a scheme instantly. This is especially when used in otherwise minimalist apartments.


We 100% believe in the power of mirrors. They can make a small living room look bigger, if you get their placement right. 

Mirrors in interior
Mirrors in Living room (Source Spacejoy )

If placed right, a pair of mirrored alcoves immediately will bounce the light from the windows and reflect everything back. It’s the sure fire way to add light and brightness. You have the freedom to use large mirrors. Their effect is more.


Interior design with more natural light
Interior design for Sitting room with better natural lighting (Source Spacejoy)
Interior design with mirrors
Interior design with mirrors for more lighting at night (Source

Sometimes, the room has oodles of natural light in the day time. But it might not feel big in the night. There are things you can do to make your space feel bigger at night too.  

Layering the heights of your lighting is a key factor. Make sure that you have a pendant light overhead with a dimmable control, lots of lamp light and wall lights. Remember to choose shades that can both direct light for tasks like reading, and create pools of light for the surrounding as well. When you fix wall lights that would direct soft shafts of light up and down, that will also make the space look taller.

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