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2022 is considered as the year of healing since everything is in reset mode. So, 2022 is all about realizing the importance of good health, good food and a comfortable home. Our homes require a reinvention through a dedicated work corner at home to embracing calmness as a design element (see This will be the year of the home interior revolution. We are all set to help you know all that you need.

1.    Warm Colors

Our homes will be the ultimate destination for us to relax and recharge. Thus, warm colors are a great healer or an agent to boost our minds. Yellow, red, orange and the different shades of these colors will be at the front. These colors have the capacity to help people feel happy and upbeat by inspiring positive thought. Moreover, this is an imperative for home designs. Besides the obvious warm shades, there is the massive popularity of comforting hues like aqua shades, ginger hues, earthy tones, etc. These colors bring out warmth and comfort to the home-owners.

Reinvent home with warm colors interior design
Reinvent home with warm colors interior design (Source homestratosphere)

2.    Impressionistic Lightings

Out-door dining plans will be replaced with house parties in your living room. So, it is time to indulge in luxurious, unique and dramatic lights. Monumental chandeliers, extravagant lamps, rustic light fixtures can be used to enliven your home space. Fashionable lights are at the heart of any modern home decoration. Moreover, they can be helpful to reinvent any dull room into a dramatic space. However, if you are interested in mid-century design, you can try out crystal, drum and tiered chandeliers. The living room can be decorated with such lavish structures. You can go with rustic floor lamps or elegant pendant lights that may not be dramatic like the chandeliers. They are equally enticing.

reinvented impressionist design
impressionist design (From Small Design Ideas)

3.    Reinvent with Functional Furniture Pieces at Home

Play around with furniture pieces. Go along with comforting choices that support your well-being. Recliner sofas, comfortable loveseats, multipurpose TV units, foldable living room furniture, etc., will be in style this year. However, rustic furniture sets are really appealing. These types of pieces will add character to your house. Furthermore, they will give your interiors a different personality.

This year’s furniture will be so much about functionality. Since work from home is the new normal, the need for a workspace at home is now indispensable. So feel free to have fun while investing in your work desk.

Reinvent with functional furniture
Functional Furniture (Source

4.    Reinvent your home with wonderful Wallpapers

Wallpaper is always in style as they are flexible and easy to apply. Moreover, as per experts, abstract artistic designs, dark florals, textured and playful patterns will be trending in 2022. Furtermore, wallpapers can be used to create accent walls in the living room, bedrooms, etc. Wallpapers can play a significant role in kitchen designs. However, with wallpapers, you can experiment and create various trends without making anything permanent.

dark florals
dark floral wallpaper (Source Pinterest)

5.    Green Home Décor Ideas

The pandemic gave us the opportunity to realize the essence of nature and the outer world. We were away from pollution and traffic, but we did miss out on the fresh air and greenery. However, to reinvent in this manner it encouraged most of us to bring the green inside the home. Hence, home gardens, indoor plants and water bodies have become the essential home décor elements. Moreover, green will help in relieving stress and inspiring a positive environment. Moreover, if live plants are not doable at your place, you can DIY by decorating with artificial green design elements.

green kitchen design
green kitchen design (Source istockphoto)

6.    Vintage Modern Home Decors

In 2022 home interiors will witness a wave of vintage designs, especially repurposed furniture. However, if you have a grandfather clock or an old wooden crockery unit stored in a spare room, you can bring it out to the main areas of your house.

Reinvent with old-school study area with a vintage wooden table
old-school study area with a vintage wooden table (Source

7.    Reinvent with flooring Trends

People are becoming more aware of sustainable materials. Hence, they are opting for eco-friendly carpeting trends. Fiber carpets, natural woolen carpets, coir carpets, jute carpets, etc., are at the forefront. Besides carpets, you can also go for cork flooring, bamboo flooring, linoleum flooring, etc.

Reinvent with wooden flooring
Reinvent with wooden flooring (Source homelane)

If you want to deck up your floors, go for carpets or flooring solutions that are not chemically treated.

8.    Mirrors

You can go ahead with unique, unconventional mirror frames for your house in 2022. You can play with mirror decorations in your foyer area, living room walls, bedside walls, etc. When it comes to mirror frames, you can go for circular, oversize, mirror mosaic, 3D mirrors, etc., as they are in vogue. Moreover, if you are interested in the rustic look, you can opt for roped Scandinavian and nautical style mirrors to create solid design statements.

oval-shaped mirror
oval-shaped mirror (Source designcafe)

9.    A Gorgeous Armchair

Our primary motivation behind home decoration is comfort. The first thing that pops up is furniture. This section is dedicated to the ever comforting armchair. However, armchairs are not just comfortable. They are also great at making a design statement. Many people use pop colored armchairs while others go for a vintage armchair design to add to their rustic theme. Moreover, armchairs with velvet upholstery, armchairs with copper legs, armchairs with accent colors, rocking armchairs, etc., will be in style in 2022.

Reinvent subtle living room  with armchair
Reinvent subtle living room with armchair (Source platinumrentalproperty)

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