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Tesla’s solar roof is making headlines again, and this time it’s not good. Over the last two months reports have come in, of the recent massive Tesla’s solar roof price increase hitting several existing customers, some of whom have been waiting about a year with signed installation contracts. With this new price increase, it appears that the only things that have gone to the moon are the cost of the Tesla solar roof and the number of Tesla lawsuits.

This price increase seems to apply to Tesla Powerwall installations to with the cost of those increasing by about 30%. These price changes were previously only applied to new quotations. The adjustments, however, are being applied to existing contracts this time. This was by forcing customers to accept the higher prices or go back to the line with even higher price quotes.

Some clients have already spent thousands of dollars preparing for the job. However, this was only to be told that their solar roof installation would cost tens of thousands of dollars more than expected. Tesla’s main reasoning for these increased prices is their new roof complexity factor.

What exactly is the cause of the price hike?

Regardless of the complexity of the roof, Tesla charged a flat rate of $7.65 per square foot for its inactive roof shingles. That was before the 2021 March. However, they were eventually persuaded that their pricing method was not cost-efficient.

Tesla then invented the concept of “roof complexity” to make their pricing process more cost-effective. As a result, when purchasing a Tesla solar roof, clients had to classify their roofs as simple, moderate, or complex. This classification allowed Tesla to alter the prices as it saw fit.

Following the imposition of the complexity charges, a simple roof now costs $14.00 per square foot of roofing material. In contrast, a complex roof would cost $19.24 per square foot of roofing material. Isn’t that startling?

Remember, these rates do not even include the cost of active solar shingles.

It’s likely that Tesla is just raising the price of inactive roofing materials to keep the cost per watt of solar shingles low. So, perhaps this explains why there is such a big difference between typical metal shingles and Tesla’s. However, it is hard to tell for certain.

So, the real question here is whether investing in Tesla solar shingles is worthwhile. Well, the decision is entirely yours!

Tesla is being sued by homeowners for altering solar roof contracts.

On March 13, 2021, a Solar Roof client filed a class-action lawsuit against Tesla. They claimed that the corporation raised the price of his roof by more than $70,000 after he signed contracts.

Matthew Amans, an associate professor of clinical radiology at the University of California, San Francisco, is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit. It was filed in a California court.

As stated in the complaint filed in North California:

“After completing the sales agreements, and while the consumers have been making plans for the installations, in classic bait-and-switch fashion Tesla is now informing these consumers they must pay upwards of a 50% price hike on the cost of the Solar Roof if they want to proceed with the installation– and if they do not pay promptly, they risk losing their place in line for installation.”

Because of the contract alterations, lawsuits against Tesla have started to pile up since then. However, it is yet uncertain how Tesla will handle the case in court.

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