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No matter how much of a reader you are, you don’t think of being creative as far as your bookshelves are concerned. But, these creative bookshelf décor ideas will make your home as interesting as the book you are reading!

If you are an avid reader or a design enthusiast, you will agree that nothing beats a stylish bookshelf. The bookshelf decor ideas will let you store and showcase your bestsellers in style. There are various design ideas from creative floating shelves to design-savvy racks, or even concealed library doors. Bookshelves let you flaunt your collection. They are an excellent spot to showcase souvenirs, photos and knick-knacks as well.

Decorating a bookshelf needs an eye for balance, colour and style. These bookshelf décor ideas make the process seem effortless.

The Secret under the Staircase

Under staircase shelves
Under staircase shelves (Source Family Focus Blog)

If you want to convert that cramped, dead room under your stairs into a stunning showcase, a bookshelf with storage is an excellent way. It will look like a secret passageway to heaven. Such a bookshelf offers ample space to store your books but also to organize other stuff. This design further can break the monochrome palette of a room making it look incredibly chic.

Wooden staircase with a bookshelf under with a plant (Source Pinterest)

If you want a touch of freshness, you can place a few potted plants in these boxes to bring a add touch of freshness.

Old Home Love!

Bookshelf that gives old library looks (Source

If you love the old-world charm, these ideas are for you. A small window   shaped open bookshelf is perfect if you wish to add a traditional touch to your personal space. An antique bookshelf can add glamour as well as beauty to the personal space of modern readers. These are the ones who are hooked to their Kindle, who do not collect books or relish in the fragrance of old books. But they still like the idea of having a bookshelf in their bedroom or study.

You have the freedom to add copper or brass accents in the form of vases or artefacts to complete the look of your bookshelf.

Vintage look bookshelf design (Source Stilolinea)

Journal of Solitude – A creative Bookshelf

Above study shelves (Source

When you have a blank wall above your study or in any corner of your bedroom and stacks of books with no place to go, you can consider adding a series of slender floating shelves to make a book shelf on the wall. Through this you can solve two problems, namely storage and style. If you want, you can add a few potted plants, photo frames and souvenirs to decorate your book shelf.

Life Is Easy, Life Is Fun – A Bookshelf that is simple!

There are simple book shelf designs which are sleek and modern. They blend well with the overall decor. They do not take up a lot of space making it perfect for small sized homes.

Creative Bookshelves for study room (Source

You can color the inside of each box in different colours to bring a pop-shock.

Use The Negative Space for a Bookshelf!

You can use an open sideboard cum book shelf to stack your books. By throwing in a few decor pieces, you can add a touch of fun. It is a smart way to bring in a change in your bedroom. At the same time, this book shelf décor is great for late night readers.

You can include a few antique pieces on and in your open shelves to bring in traditional charm in your otherwise modern space.

Shelves on the side of the bed (Source

Asymmetry: A Novel!

Asymmetrical open bookshelf (Source

A beautiful asymmetrical open book shelf looks like it’s giving directions to your life. It can add a personal touch to an empty corner in your room. The design is unique. It offers enough storage space to stack your books, showpieces and decor pieces. You can place a small clock and plant. It would bring in some visual drama to this book shelf.

Asymmetrical shelves for interior (Source

When you are filling your dead corner with this shelf, don’t forget to deck it up with plants and vases.

Asymmetrical bookshelf with plants (Source

The Complete Works of Shakespeare!

These shelf ideas are ideal for all the bookworms out there. They are more of a library spread across two walls and is accompanied by a lot of storage cabinets for stationery and documents. The design is classic. Moreover, the colour white is timeless. In addition, the series of shelves and racks will help you organize works of all your favorite writers. This design will work well in a study or even your bedroom.

Library interior look (Source

You can install focus lights, spotlights or mounted lights with hints of greens and wall arts to break down the monotonous look of the space.

Mounted lights for bookshelf interior (Source

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