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Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are secondary housing units built on the same property as your principal residence. It provides additional living space. Even though it is a modest house, it requires a lot of effort. Landscaping for these will be difficult given the cash and effort invested in the ADU itself. However, it is crucial since it might draw attention to your ADU.

While ADUs are becoming increasingly popular, there is a growing need for the design of tiny houses on wheels, and ADUs. However, there are no effective landscaping concepts for ADUs. ADUs provide homeowners a subtle but altogether new form of social connection possibility. Whether the ADU occupants are related or not, they will undoubtedly develop a deeper bond than their neighbors.

ADUs can either function as one unit of the same home and its inhabitants or as separate dwelling units. Parts of the yard, driveway, gardens, patio and storage space may be shared, while others may be allocated to one unit or the other. The homeowner’s desires should guide the arrangement of the ADUs on the site and the landscaping of the remaining garden area. However, there are several crucial landscaping rules that must be followed for it to be flawless.

ADU landscaping guidelines that you should follow

Many landscaping concepts apply regardless of the size of the place. The fundamental factor in space planning for an ADU project is whether the garden area will be shared or separate from the main home. This is critical while making judgments throughout the design phase.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) (source Powered By Pros)

Another factor to consider while landscaping for an ADU is the impression you want your visitors to have when they enter your home. A good landscape design is a practice of creating land for maximum use and enjoyment. Before you build an ADU, there are a few elements you should think about adding to your garden.

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Aspects of landscaping to consider when constructing an ADU

Water Drainers

When developing an ADU, it is critical to account for the drainer systems. When preparing for this, you must ensure that the water gathered gets straight into the ground using a dry well, or other stormwater mitigation strategies your state mandates.

Privacy of the ADU

While you can utilize curtains on your ADU windows, some tall plants or the usage of outside screens are other fantastic ways to improve privacy.

With a clever planting design, you can also ensure that natural sunshine is available within your ADU.

Space sharing

Because an ADU is built on your land, it seems as if there are two homes on the same property. Therefore, you must plan the space sharing of the two separate dwellings strategically.  For example, if the backyard is in the middle of a garden or a patio, is that space shared by both residences? If so, you must ensure that the pathway is welcome for both residences at one time by decorating and landscaping it.

Privacy of outdoor space

You may plan and design your landscape with a sense of privacy for the two distinct residences in mind. Planting, screens, seat walls, and even low voltage lights are all viable options.

Fencing around the ADU
Fencing around the ADU (Source Perez Construction)

If you build an offset fence strategically to divide the ADU from the principal residence, you can create a courtyard impression for each unit. You can reduce the fence height to provide for a more open view of both two units.

The ADU’s square footage is restricted in most circumstances. Therefore, you may desire to expand your living space out into the yard. This is much easier to execute with double doors. This is since you can also integrate a patio outside where people may relax. However, if there is an open area patio, the fence will be a perfect addition to boost the privacy of the outdoor living space.

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting for ADUs
Landscape lighting for ADUs (Source Porto Angeli)

Lighting is critical, especially if your ADU has an outside living space. Garden lighting can draw attention to lovely aspects of your garden.  Outdoor lighting can be used to achieve two things. One is being able to see the walking path clearly to make sure you will not fall or step on anything unsafe. This is possible with pathway lighting. Accent lighting is the next lighting accomplishment. You can use spotlights to highlight specific aspects of your ADU or garden. The most difficult aspect of lighting is the expense.

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