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7 Ways To Transform Your Cooking Haven

Predictions for kitchen color trends in 2022 show people are looking for soothing and natural color palettes in their cooking havens. As 2022 becomes a year of sustainability and conscious designs, you would love to connect with a lot of soul-soothing tones in your home interiors. 

According to our design insights, wellness will be a main factor when designing home interiors. Colors that exhibit natural and sustainable setups will be dominant. On the other hand, we will also see a lot of vibrant shades, especially in backsplash designs. This is common for kitchen designs too. 

It is accepted that Colors have always been a source of setting the ambience in our interiors. Due to this reason, we will be using colors that align with the year’s overall design trends. While the white kitchen trend will continue to be in the limelight because of its simplicity, we bring you some out of the box kitchen color trends in 2022 for you. 

1.    Olive Green is One of the Most Popular Kitchen Color Trends in 2022

Olive green kitchen colors
Olive green kitchen colors (By Ideal Home)

Since 2022 is considered as a year of naturalness, green will certainly rule the trending kitchen paint colors. However, olive green will be a top favorite shade out of the different green colors. The subtle tone of the color is exquisitely soothing. Besides, it is also a very urban color tone. Thus, you can add olive green to your kitchen cabinets, walls, lighting and add a splash of a natural feel to your cooking setup, without adding a feeling of “too much”.

2.    Pink Terracotta is definitely a Yes for your Kitchen

Pink Terracotta kitchen
Pink Terracotta kitchen (By the ideal home)

Terracotta pink can be an excellent choice when you think of earthy and natural colors,. It is an earthy yet modern tone. In addition, it adds a natural feel to the interiors. You can couple it up with white and wooden colors to create a trendy kitchen design. If you want to add an exciting twist, you can also add biophilic elements.

3. Navy Blue is an Interesting Choice for the Trending Cabinet Colors

Navy Blue kitchen interior
Navy Blue kitchen interior (By dunelm)

Blues are becoming an excellent color for your kitchen. Although we love every shade of blue, you can try out the deeper shades for your kitchen. Navy blue will be one of the popular trending cabinet colors this year. It is an incredibly appealing and dependable color for different design themes. You can go with a modern, traditional, as well as vintage theme with this beautiful shade. Moreover, the color looks superb with metallic accents and wooden flooring, which will also be trending in 2022.

4. Earthy Brown is the Hottest Kitchen Color Trend in 2022

Earthy Brown walls
Earthy Brown walls (By Jotuns)

Earthy brown can be a great kitchen color for the year since kitchen color trends in 2022 are all about organic. You can go with plain brown cabinets or wall paints to utilize the color in your kitchen interiors. If you want to add more design to your kitchen, you can go for a textured, earthy brown design as shown. The color will instantly add a raw appeal to the kitchen design. It will let you feel connected to nature while staying in.

5.    A Pop of Yellow is Always a Good Vibrant Choice for Kitchens

Yellow furniture
Yellow furniture for kitchen (by Elle Decor)

Vibrant colors and pops of vibrant colors will continue to be the trend in 2022. If the other kitchen color trends seem too subtle for you, try adding a pinch of vibrant shade to your kitchen. You can use a lively color as an accent element in your interiors.

For example, a pop of yellow in a turquoise kitchen can look amazing. Instead of the cabinets, you can also use the yellow pop in your backsplash. A bit of imagination is all you need.

6. Get an Upbeat Design with Yellow and Orange

Yellow and orange mixed kitchen
Yellow and orange mixed kitchen interior (By WallpaperBetter)

You can bring brightness with a mix of yellow and orange colors. Such a color combination brings out a lively ambience and vibrancy to cook, chill and spend some family time. But you have to use the colors wisely. If not, the kitchen may end up being too loud and overwhelming.

*A tip would be to use the lighter shades of the two colors and balance it with   some white in between.

7.     Very Peri Kitchen Color

Veri peri interior
Veri peri kitchen interior (By Kompas)

Very Peri, the color has become a hot favorite with designers since it is considered as one of the hottest colors. In the list of kitchen color trends 2022, Very Peri will definitely have a spot. Use it in your kitchen walls or wallpapers to create a positive interior setup. You can also use Very Peri as the color for your cabinets since colorful cabinets are totally trending this year.

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