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Congratulations!!! Finally, you decided to go solar. And now you must be probably wondering whether your roof is suitable for a solar panel. So, the good news is that solar panels are compatible with the majority of roofing materials. Though some are obviously better for solar panels than others. Well, absolutely! The material of your roof is important in determining if it is suitable for solar. But it is not always the deciding factor.

Here are some important questions you can ask to see if your roof is suitable for solar.

Which direction does your roof face?

If you really want your solar panels to work at maximum capacity, try to position them facing south. What would you do if your roof was not oriented southward? Do not panic, even though your roof does not face south, you can still make your solar panels work by installing them facing southeast and southwest.

If maintaining southern exposure on your roof is impossible, you may even choose to install your solar panels facing west and east, depending on the shading. Solar panels can generate significant amounts of electricity even though they are not faced directly south.

Let us assume you desperately want a solar panel for your home. But your roof alignment is not suitable for the installation. However, not to worry, the panels could still be used on the field or another building. For example, this could be your garage or shed.

 How much shade does your roof get?

You are all set to go solar for your house, but you just remembered that the huge chimney you built on your roof two years ago shades half of your roof, while the massive tree right next to your house shades the other half. And now you are worried about whether your solar panel can receive enough sunlight.

The amount of shade your solar receives has a significant impact on its efficiency and its output, so before you do anything else, you must first decide how much shade your roof gets and for how much of the day, with the assistance of contractors.

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