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Tesla supporters claim that the media exaggerates the severity of Tesla’s fire incidents. While some Tesla’s fires occur because of an accident, a Tesla Model S recently caught fire while parked in a garage in Shanghai. These flames appear to have occurred because of lithium-ion batteries. However, it can catch fire for a variety of causes. Furthermore, this problem might be caused by sources other than a cat battery. Manufacturing issues can also play a role.

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The Tesla Model S’s fire in Shanghai

When there were no injuries in this fire, it was discovered by the incident’s investigators that it occurred while the automobile was not charging while parked in the garage.

The media has appeared to point out that combustion-engine fires occur regularly basis without drawing much notice. According to Tesla’s followers, the media exaggerates even the most gruesome fire incidents.

The Tesla crash incident that killed two teens

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), another Tesla Model S incident occurred in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, killing two teenagers. According to a news statement, the inquiry will focus on the emergency reaction to the battery fire that occurred after the incident. This has also covered the actions of the fire department and towing operations. The agency, however, stated that it does not expect Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot system to be included in the inquiry.

The NTSB has extensive knowledge of developing transportation technology, such as lithium-ion battery fires in commercial aircraft. With his extensive expertise, NTSB chairman Robert S. said in a press release, “The goal of these investigations is to understand the impact of these emerging transportation technologies when they are part of a transportation accident.”

The accident happened on Tuesday 6:46 p.m., when the car collided with a concrete wall and took fire, killing the driver, Barrett Riley, and Edgar Martinez, both 18 years old. The speed of the car seemed to have had a role in the collision.

The fire, according to CBS station WFOR, made it impossible for witnesses to assist the car’s passengers. According to a Tesla spokeswoman, the business is attempting to determine the circumstances surrounding the event and will collaborate with local authorities.

Firefighters in Pennsylvania spent three hours extinguishing an automobile fire

It took three hours for firemen in Pennsylvania to extinguish a Tesla fire. In a strange combination of circumstances, to be sure. The unusual thing about this incident is that no one has been able to pinpoint exactly how the automobile began the fire.

fire in Pennsylvania
fire in Pennsylvania (By The Verge)

However, other than the fact that it burned to the ground, there were no much information available concerning this matter. According to the witnesses, there was no one in the Tesla car when the fire occurred.

The Tesla fire incidence in San Francisco

This Tesla fire occurred in Yogi and Carolyn Vindum’s garage with 2 Tesla cars. The automobile’s owners claimed to be asleep when it happened but later awoken by the car and fire alarm blaring sounds. They awoke to a screeching vehicle alarm and a fire devouring their home in San Ramon, California, 12 minutes later.

Tesla's fire
Due to a Tesla fire, Yogi and Carolyn Vindum’s home in San Ramon is on fire (By Yogi Vindum)

The fire started in one of their two electric vehicles and quickly spread to the other.

The Tesla Model S’s thermal management system was one of two probable causes of the incident. This was according to a fire inspection report received by the Vindums in July 2013. The other cause identified was a malfunction in the car’s electrical system while it was charging. Tesla did not react to a request for comment on the Vindums’ case. Moreover, it included a brief account of the events and the Vindums’ perspective on Tesla’s response to the incident.

According to the damaged Tesla’s owner, they were among the first to purchase Teslas in the area. However, they were convinced that Electrical Vehicles (EVs) are safer.

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