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With the unveiling of Tesla’s solar roof shingles in 2016, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, made a huge media stir. Tesla solar roofs were first installed on electric vehicles in 2018. The Tesla solar roof, on the other hand, was only put on a small number of automobiles. Making it difficult to determine whether or not it was as revolutionary as the company claimed.

However, Tesla announced the “Solar Roof V3” product in 2019. There is an expectation that this updated version will be more robust than previous versions. Its 25-year weatherization warranty and Class 3 hail certification attest to this. Tesla even declared it to be their finest solar roofing product ever.

Tesla’s solar shingles have created quite a stir since their introduction. The question is whether Tesla’s solar shingles are worth investing in. Come on, let’s find out!!

What exactly is a Tesla roof?

Some of you may be wondering what a Tesla roof is. So before we get into the specifics, let’s give a brief overview of the Tesla roof.

When developing the Tesla solar roof concept, Tesla worked in collaboration with its subsidiary SolarCity. So, in essence, the Tesla solar roof appears to be no different from any other type of roof. Except for the fact that some of the shingles are photovoltaic, which means they can generate electricity from the sun. Isn’t it fascinating??

What is more fascinating is that the Tesla roof has also presented a novel solution for homeowners to reap the benefits of solar energy without having to sacrifice the elegance of their property. But you cannot install a Tesla solar glass roof unless you replace your entire roof. Apart from that, Tesla requires that all Tesla solar roofs be used in conjunction with their solar battery, the Tesla Powerwall. An installation of a solar roof is not possible without the use of a Powerwall.

How much does Tesla’s solar roof cost in comparison to standard solar panels?

Tesla’s solar roof has two types of textured glass tile shingles:

  1. Active solar shingles
  2. Inactive, non-solar shingles

Tesla claims that the active solar roof tiles cost $2.01 per watt. However, the cost of inactive shingles varies depending on the complexity of your roof. The cost per watt of Tesla’s solar roof is really pretty similar to the average cost of solar in the United States, which is roughly $2.85 per watt as of April 2021.

The Tesla solar roof, on the other hand, is a solar-panel-equipped roof. As a result, the Tesla solar shingle roof differs from standard solar panels in some ways. So, to get a clearer sense of how much Tesla solar shingles cost in comparison to typical solar panels, we must compare the cost of replacing your rooftop vs having solar installed.

Is a Tesla solar roof cost-effective?

We now know how much a Tesla solar roof costs in comparison to a standard solar installation and roof replacement, but how do the savings measure up?

In California, a regular 5.7 kW solar system will generate around 11,940-kilowatt-hours (kWh) of power per year. Using Tesla’s average California electricity pricing, a typical solar system would save $52,189.33 over the course of 25 years. Tesla forecasts that the solar roof will only save you $37,800 over the course of 19 years, with a break-even point after 19 years.

This signifies that a standard solar panel installation provides superior long-term savings.

Is investing in Tesla’s solar shingles a prudent move?

Moving into Tesla solar is now significantly more expensive than a standard roof replacement and solar installation due to Tesla’s price increases. Since Tesla requires that all Tesla solar roofs be coupled with their solar battery, installing the solar roof with a Powerwall is now significantly more expensive than installing a regular solar panel.

Installing the Tesla solar roof makes sense only if you have a strong desire for the Tesla product or if you enjoy the looks of the solar roof. Otherwise, it is not a financially sound investment.

To summarize, installing a regular solar panel is considerably less expensive than installing a Tesla solar roof since regular solar systems do not require roof replacement. Furthermore, standard solar systems surely result in higher savings.

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