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A common question the minute you decide to add an ADU to your home is “How can I build my ADU so that it adds value to my life and my home’s value?”

If you make your ADU as functional, convenient, and aesthetically appealing as possible, you can add life to your ADU.

Let’s check out these ideas.

1. Cozy Mother-In-Law Suite

ADU Design for mother in law
ADU Design for mother in laws ( Source

Many people love the convenience of living in an ADU closer to their loved ones. However, they prefer staying in a place where their family resides only a few feet away in the main home. Moreover, a cheerful, homey ADU with universal design principles can help the family stay close. They are affording everyone the privacy and independence they need.

In order to accommodate the occupant’s present and future needs while designing a new space, you can use features like:

  • Plenty of lighting – accessible two-way switches
  • A walk-in shower – extra grab bars and a hand-held shower head
  • Windows – easy to open and close
  • Non-slip flooring in soft materials. E.g. cork, linoleum, or rubber
  • Door levers and not doorknobs
  • Technology (including the thermostat, lighting, and security system) – controlled with a smartphone or remote

2. Rustic Backyard Guest House

ADUs can be attached to your main home. However, they can stand alone as their own separate structures as well. A detached ADU in your yard provides some privacy. Moreover, a modern backyard cottage with a woodsy, rustic feel will blend in beautifully in most Oregon and Washington neighborhoods.

Rustic Backyard Guest House
Rustic Backyard Guest House (Source

If you want to keep the look consistent, you can choose natural materials, exposed wood, and nature-inspired colors like green and brown.

3.   Garage ADU Designs

Maximize the garage door
Maximize the garage door (Source maxablespace)

You don’t need a huge yard to have an ADU. An ADU can also be built by converting a section of your current house. It can be an attached garage, attic, or basement.

Many homeowners do not want to lose the use of the garage (or the potential resale value that a garage can add). There is typically no downside to finishing an attic or basement.  In many cases, it is possible to add an ADU on top of a garage rather than converting it. Moreover, it will allow you to keep your existing garage intact.

4.   Bright, Modern ADU designs

Modern ADU Lighting
Modern ADU Lighting (Source

ADUs are typically smaller than the main residence. However, that does not mean they need to be dark and cramped. ADUs can definitely be stylish, open, and contemporary, with all the modern amenities a person could want.

Let in as much natural light as possible. On the other hand, install plenty of overhead, task, and accent lighting. Consider a whole wall door for a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. You can go for light, neutral colors and an open floor plan.

5. Luxury ADU Getaway

A luxury ADU can be the perfect place for a stay on vacation. It will provide a wonderful experience for guests who come to visit you. You can pamper yourself and your guests with features that make you feel calm and happy. Such decisions will depend entirely on your unique preferences.

Luxury ADU Getaway
Luxury ADU Getaway (Source tinyportablecedarcabins)

Luxury ADU design ideas include:

  • Spa bathroom inclusive of heated floors and towel warmers
  • Meditation room / yoga room
  • Small rock garden outside/any natural element that relaxes you)
  • A small wine bar/bar cart in the kitchen
  • Smart technology for convenience, energy efficiency, and security

6. Thoreauvian Tiny House

Thoreauvian Tiny House
Thoreauvian Tiny House (source Tiny House Society

Occasionally, many of us like the idea of taking a break from modern living. Some people prefer to live a simple life full time. If a tiny house appeals to you, and on the other hand, you prefer not to live too far from modern conveniences, a tiny-house ADU designs are the perfect compromise.

The intention is to get the most out of the limited space you have without making it feel cramped. Multi-function furniture and creative storage solutions will definitely take you a long way.

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