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Maybe your bedroom walls look like literally everyone else’s. There is nothing unique, maybe. It must be just blank. This list of wall décor ideas will help you transform your bedroom from bland to beautiful.

It would definitely be a dream come true to wake up to art, décor and inspiration rather than an empty space over your bed. You can pick from these simple bedroom wall décor inspirations to liven up dull walls.

Upholster It

Upholstered bed
Upholstered bed (Source )

It is a beautiful idea and a unique one too since an upholstered bedroom wall makes a statement by itself. You can add upholstery as an extension of your headboard to give your bedroom wall some texture. This would give a sense of comfort as well. Instead of suing upholstery, you can use fabric or textile based décor to beautify your bedroom walls.

The Third Dimension

Third dimension in a bedroom
Third dimension in a bedroom (Source

A great way to make bedroom walls pop is by using 3-D art or metallic accents. They bring in a third dimension to bedrooms, which is very attractive. If needed, you can balance this out with softer textures, colours and patterns for an even look.

The Wallpaper Way

Wallpaper for bedroom walls
Wallpaper for bedroom walls (Source

If you are looking for a fuss-free way to accentuate your bedroom walls, wallpapers are the best method. Floral prints, geometric patterns, stripes or vintage motifs and many more designs are available for you to choose from. Opt for one that would blend in well with your bedroom interiors.

Bedroom Wall Décor that’s Pretty as a Picture

Wall decoration with photographs
Wall decoration with photographs (Source Alice Kuchina)

You can frame some of your beautiful photographic memories or miniature wall art. Then you can use your imagination and creativity and turn it into a bedroom wall décor. This surely is a great and affordable way to add décor to your bedroom walls.

Bedroom Wall Decoration with pictures
Bedroom Wall Decoration with pictures (Source Laura Adai)

Decorative Wall Moldings

Moldings for bedroom walls
Moldings for bedroom walls (Source

Another elegant option for bedroom wall designs is wall moldings. These are a great way to keep bedroom wall décor modern and stylish. Wall moldings are understated and sophisticated.

Creative Wall Moldings
Creative Wall Molding (Source

Shelves or Bookcases as Bedroom Wall Décor

shelves for bedroom
Bedroom wall decoration with shelves (Source Andrea Davis1)

Stack up your books and collectables on wooden shelves. Then, mount them on those walls. An assortment of curios and books on your wall shelves has the definite ability to bring in a personal touch to your space. When you want to set up a TV screen in your bedroom space shelves work best. 

Light Up Your Walls

lights for bedroom wall
Fairy lights for bedroom wall (Source

This is a simple, yet beautiful bedroom wall décor idea to accentuate your walls with minimal fuss. If you are looking for sophisticated style in your bedroom wall décor, fairy lights are a great option. Another option you can go for is elegant designer lights in order to enhance décor.

Click here to find some great girls bedroom design ideas:

Wall lighting
Lighting for bedroom wall (Source

Mirrors on your Bedroom Wall

Mirrors for bedroom walls (Source Minh Pham)

If you want to instantly spruce up your bedroom wall décor, an ornate wall mirror can be a much-needed statement piece.  You can use it all by itself. You can pair it with other types of wall décor for your bedroom. A reflective surface also gives the illusion of space. This is a smart design hack for small bedrooms.

Rustic Art for Bedroom Wall Décor

If you love vintage, countryside vibes, then rustic art is what you need for your bedroom interiors. You can opt for a statement piece of décor that accentuates the aesthetics of your headboard. This will act as wall decor too. This wall hanging in wood in the following bedroom is a classic example.

Rustic wall décor
Rustic wall décor (Source

Keep It Kid-Friendly

Kids bedroom
Kids bedroom wall decorations (Source Kenny Eliason)

Ranging from themed wallpapers to simple chalkboards, this can be your kid’s bedroom. These bedroom wall décor can be fun and interesting. A fun wall will let your little one explore his/her skills and creativity too.

A Statement Centerpiece

wall décor
Bedroom with a Statement Centerpiece (Source

All you need to break the monotony of a boring wall is a statement piece of décor. You can adorn your bedroom wall with modern painting, which is the perfect wall décor option for monochrome walls.

Wall painting
A painting for bedroom walls (Source

There are numerous ways of decorating your bedroom walls, which is your personal space that reflects the true you. You can let your walls speak volumes about you!

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