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Most of us have laptops as our work savior. But, there are several who need larger a home office, especially designers, engineers, artists, and architects, to name a few. Books, notepads, files, drawing boards, and stationery can turn your workspace into a clutter zone in no time. This is why you need a designated place for these items so they don’t interfere with your day-to-day tasks.    

These home office organization tips will help you create a clutter-free workspace without much effort if you’re wondering how to organize your home office better.

1.    A Designated Workstation

Designated workstation
Designated workstation (Source Residence Style)

As family members do their chores and other activities take place as usual, working from home can be a huge distraction. Therefore, look for a corner in your home that will cause the least distraction. It should also accommodate your work essentials. Try to ensure your privacy and let that place be your workstation. If it is a secluded room, that is a great option. Otherwise, you can convert your balcony (if there is one) into your workspace and that way you do not disturb the others at home.

2.    Fix Storage Cabinets

office with Storage Cabinets
Home office with Storage Cabinets (Source Sawdust 2 Stitches )

Installing cabinets to accommodate your work essentials will be a future investment because it is almost like a permanent addition to your house. You can be in a profession that requires you to refer to a lot of books, drawing sheets, different types of stationery or taking down notes, where there is likely to be a lot of clutter on your desk. A cluttered workspace doesn’t help with concentration. So, storage cabinets are the best answer. You can either install wall-mounted cabinets or floor cabinets.

3. Office Supplies

Office Supplies
Home office with Office Supplies (source Welp Magazine)

You need to have everything to help you work with ease. In order to do that, you need to know how to organize office supplies at home and create a perfect workstation. Therefore, you should invest in buying supplies like a pen stand, a file organizer, a plastic basket for your drawing rolls, a journal rack, and anything that can help you keep your belongings in order. Such small but handy things will assist you to keep things organized and in place. Then you won’t waste time stuttering around looking for things when you urgently need them.

4.    Open Shelves Are Great

Open Shelves
home office with Open Shelves (source Good Housekeeping)

Most of us find it difficult to dedicate a perfect spot for daily office work. The reason is that your home wasn’t made to accommodate a workstation. You can look out for vertical spaces in your house. These can be the perfect spots for home office wall organization. This can be the wall above your table or behind it. You will find a lot as usually the floor area is already taken up by other furniture. Install open or floating shelves. These will allow ease of organization and a clutter-free work desk.

5.    A Space with Natural Light

home office with Natural Light
home office with Natural Light (Source Architectural Digest)

Even though you don’t always get the option to choose your workstation in office, you can at home. A space that gets a lot of natural light will help you save electricity. At the same time, it will expose you to sunlight while you work. In addition, working in natural light helps with focus and staying alert too. An ideal place would be the balcony or a place close to the window. A bright and roomy space will give you the enthusiasm to work and not feel drowsy.

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6.    De-Clutter Regularly

Decluttered Home Office
Decluttered Home Office (source Doorage)

De-cluttering your work desk as well as the cabinets is an important organizational task. Things like unused pens, old receipts and bank statements, outdated newspapers and printouts, and dysfunctional chargers and wires will definitely get piled up and end up cluttering your workspace over time. De-cluttering regularly will help you keep only the essentials. A clean workspace automatically will lead to better organization and ease of work.

You need to be sure that your work environment at home is beneficial for you and your job. These home office organization tips will help you in smooth functionality and improve your productivity. To get help from the experts on home office organization, you can get in touch with us at  

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