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Choosing exterior colors for your house can be one of the biggest design decisions you ever make. This is mainly since they’re a major factor in its overall look and feel. There are a few tips and tricks you can follow to make the decision less daunting.

When choosing a color palette for your home, there are three elements to consider,

  • the main or field color,
  • the accent colors
  • the trim color.

You can scope out your neighborhood for field color inspiration. If your neighbors’ homes feature mostly muted hues, neutrals and earth tones will be your best bet. Then your house doesn’t look out of place. Accent colors are where you can have some fun. You can consider pairing a white or gray field color with a bold yellow front door, a brown or beige field color with cheerful green shutters. For the trim, white looks clean and crisp against just about any exterior. On the other hand, brown, black and gray can also complement many color schemes.

Blue Gray

Blue gray exterior paint for house
Blue gray exterior paint for house (Source Decoratorist)

Deep blue grays have a nautical, serene feeling. It’s also a good complement to white trim as per the experts.

Wheat color paint

Wheat color home
Wheat color home (Source Bob Vila)

This buttery in-between, which is not quite white and almost yellow, feels both warm and clean. It will match up beautifully with both dark browns and gray-blues for accents. They will also positively glow next to the green of a well-kept lawn.


Green exterior painted home
Green exterior painted home (Source SurePro Painting)

Go for a neutral shade that’s a cross between green and gray. An in-between green won’t fade in with the grass. It makes a wonderful contrast to either dark gray and black shutters or white and cream shutters.


White exterior
White exterior (Source Amanda Seibert)

A white clapboard farmhouse is an American icon with timeless appeal. White would complement any style of home. It brings a glamorous look, brightening up the whole neighborhood.


Brown exterior paint for home
Brown exterior paint for home (Source Allura USA)

Like all the best exterior house colors, a dark, earthy tone makes a solid statement. Shutters in reds, blues, blacks, or whites will complement the bold paint pick for stand-out curb appeal.


red home
red painted home (Source Wow Decor)

Cheery, lighthouse red feels both traditional and fresh. Unlike other exterior house paint colors, this shade pops out against any background, whether your home is nestled in trees or on a clean landscape outlined only by the broad sky.

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